I have God in my words and the devil in my ear, and a sister, who keeps telling me to find my magic. © Nicole Lyons 2017 

Shallow Graves

I think I die a little with every cliché I write, but I take comfort from the souls I have buried beneath my bullshit. © Nicole Lyons 2017

Mind Fuck

Perhaps it wasn’t only my hair he had knotted in his fist; for upon my release I found my mind had been pulled as if it had knees on which I would beg as I crawled toward him, neck deep in a pool of silver and my name; reaching to cling to the tip of … Continue reading Mind Fuck

Take me to church

It was the way he said my name that sent shockwaves through my body. Sacred. A hymn on his lips that could almost convince God himself to absolve us of all of our sins. © Nicole Lyons 2016

Bleed me out on the side of a road

I carry them with me, little pieces I have broken off of everyone I have ever loved, and I tuck them in the empty chambers of my heart, but every now and then they ache to be released and they flee so fast they tear the walls of my heart wide open, and I am … Continue reading Bleed me out on the side of a road


I never meant to ruin him, but I do love the way his heart still beats my name. © Nicole Lyons 2016