I Would Run

I feel what you feel, and I know what you know, and in another time or another place, on every other plane of existence, I would run anywhere with you.

Hard Love

It is a difficult thing, the knowing and the not, and the weight of carrying it all. That we are not of this world and never have been, but perhaps we have been placed here as punishment for living too full and loving too hard against the softness of whatever we are made up of. … Continue reading Hard Love

Mixed With A Hint

It was my words that spilled from his lips, my poetry that poured from his soul; how was I to resist my own passion, mixed with a hint of his own. © Nicole Lyons 2017

Something Achingly Beautiful

Love was never easy because suffering was never optional. But there was something gorgeous in the act of arching backs writhing in anticipation of ripping hearts from chests, something achingly beautiful in the brutality of it all. © Nicole Lyons 2017  

Cast That Messy Shine

I like dirty hearts and restless minds, the old souls that have known hard lives; the ones who cast the most beautiful shine. © Nicole Lyons 2017

Where Green Things Grow

For GG, with love I was here, and I burned with you. Like kindling struck, my brittle bones did break hot, but oh how we danced, when my coolest hands palmed the sweat off your neck, we glowed good, and I took your love to my veins. From lungs of fire upon gasping breath I … Continue reading Where Green Things Grow

I am Nothing – S.L. Heaton

"Is this your better half?" "No, not really." In a moment I was reduced to nothing. I turned my face so you couldn't see the torment because I've never been good at hiding my feelings. The sting of nothingness was strong because I always thought I was at least something to you. You were my … Continue reading I am Nothing – S.L. Heaton