You’re a Very Tempting Man-Dori Owen

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Hand in unlovable hand

Visceral and stunning.

“I’m sorry I used you again,” I whisper letting the edge of the blade plant shy kisses down your neck then I’ll say “I’ll be gentle this time” when we both…

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An outstanding piece on one of my favourite sites. Oldepunk is everything!

Enveloped, and cresting the dusk of dawn the palace is ancient there are only shadows of ghosts in residence clinging to the false sun above my bed they sometimes whisper nonsense to hear only our …

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Interview and Review of S.K. Nicholas’ New Novel: A Journal for Damned Lovers

A Must Read on SD today.

Review of A Journal for Damned Lovers by S.K. Nicholas/By Jasper Kerkau One of the first pieces I wrote for Sudden Denouement was called, “Writing isn’t Going to Save Me.” Over time I have changed …

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The Path Goes Both Ways

A must read.

A Global Divergent Literary Collective

by pbbr

A bird is singing on my windowsill this morning, sweet notes falling like ivory piano keys in a crosstown jazz bar. It’s autumn and he’s running late on his perennial southbound path. But he doesn’t sound hurried. Prancing back and forth on the windowsill, an avian entertainer chatting up the soft dewy dawn. I stand slowly, wincing at the surgery wounds in my belly, and reach for the shotgun.

The coffee pot is brewing on an automatic path. Savory beans roasting in their own juices, dripping, dripping. Chocolate warmth nestled in a cup,  auburn froth leveled at the top. Blended with raspberry crème. I take that first sip and my heart jumps in jagged arrhythmia.

The shower water is warm, stoking the embers of a tequila flame from the night before. The Mopar purrs in the driveway, guzzling the last few dimes from my pocket. Everything on its…

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January – N.R. Shepherd




I dug up a notebook, and blew off the ashes.
With my hands in my pockets, and my chin tucked to my chest,
I took a stroll through the pages of opiate abuse,
and lusting a harlot. Walking this gravel lane of memories,
no wonder I ended up dangling from an extension cord.
The world could have stopped spinning,
and as far as I was concerned…it had.
With my heart in chunks, hanging from my ribs,
and prison in my future, the heart-broken-record
on the spinner, played around the clock.
Autumn death had coated the walls,
and frost, covered the floors.
Just me and this damn dog, whose nails click-clack
the hardwood, raising the hair on my neck and
boiling the blood flowing the sewers of my body.
“Someone has to die”…Well, someone had….
Doors nailed shut, and the windows boarded up.
I was haunting my own home…
Sleeping in a hoodie, and not showering for days.
Filth filmed my skin, darkness glazed my eyes.
A constant dispute, with those within me,
and speaking aloud to the apparitions, of those I’ve once loved.
I still can’t say, how I ever made it to spring …alive.
These pages, have never got any warmer, although summer.
Sometimes, the clouds part a moment, and shine little.
I squint, and turn my head.
A part of me is gone, lost in January,
and January, will be forever in my heart.

©N.R. Shepherd 2016



You can pray if you want, but God’s not here this evening. ….It’s just you and I under this pale moonlight, dancing… N.R. Shepherd

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Author Spotlight: H.M. Jones-Monochrome



Monochrome has a new publisher! Feminine Collective is re-releasing it as a 3rd edition Sept. 2016, with the above cover as an e-book and Oct. 2016 in paperback.

 Monochrome is an IndieBrag Medallion book, an Honorable Mention at the 2016 Los Angeles Book Festival, and a NIEA Book Award Finalist in the NA category! 


Monochrome H.M. Jones: Synopsis

What would you do to save your most precious memories?

That’s the question that Abigail Bennet, a new mother, must answer in this dark fantasy.

The cries of her new baby throw Abigail into rage and desperation. Frightened by foreign anger and overwhelming depression, the first-time mother decides to end her life to spare the life of her only child. But before she acts on her dark intuition, she is overcome by a panic attack and blacks out.

When she awakes, everything is blue: the trees, the grass, the rocks and still, scentless sky above her. Everything except the face of the man who stands over her. He is Ishmael Dubois and claims to be her Guide through the dangerous world of Monochrome, a physical manifestation of the depressed mind. But in a place where good memories are currency, nightmares walk, and hopeless people are hired to bring down those who still have the will to live, Abigail starts to wonder if she’ll ever make it back to her family. Despite her growing feelings for her handsome, mysterious Guide, Abigail must fight for the life she once wished to take or fade into the blue.





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Never Leave My Side – Abbie Zebrowski



It’s a war

that can’t be won

only fought

It’s a pain

that burns fresh

and it burns deep

It’s a disease

that hides behind

pretty smiles and

sparkling eyes

It’s a silent scream

with bloody talons

tearing through the soft flesh

of my still beating heart

It lurks just beneath

the surface of my


The darkness that

overwhelms my light

The fear that wakes

a child at night






© Abigail Zebrowski 2015



Abbie is a published writer and poet who creates with passion and conviction. She doesn’t shy away from the truth and often writes about her personal journey with depression and anxiety. Abbie is a fierce mental health advocate determined to promote awareness and fight stigmas, which inspired her to start Depression: Catalyst for Change. Connect with Abbie on Sidereal Catalyst, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Closed Doors & Open Hearts – Jason King

Jason's Truth2


People come into and out of our lives at exactly the right moment…..


This saying used to make my skin crawl and want to chew steel….no they don’t….I would howl….it’s all about choice I would say….now….I’m not sure I believe that….don’t get me wrong I think effort is of the upmost importance….as well as choosing your person everyday….but sometimes you can choose them….but they aren’t meant to keep you nor you them….so you staying is only going to upset the balance of your world.


People come into and out of our lives at exactly the right moment.


I often give my advice on things when asked….sometimes when not….it can be really great advice too….other times I question if I’m the best choice to do this….I am a stubborn man sometimes and won’t heed the same advice I give….recently I took many people on my journey into a new relationship….


I am going to share my truth of it from my perspective….we started out as friends….became very good friends….we run in the same circle so we knew many of the same people….they knew us….somewhere along the way we thought oh okay….you know this could be a thing….I mean we enjoy each other’s company….back to not taking my own advice….


It wasn’t lightning….it was a wonderful little fire….and it was comfortable….so we ran with it….why not….I’m one of the most logically impulsive people you’ll ever meet….we got to do the things we’d been denied in the past….share with the world!….talk about it….come one come all to the show!…it was fun….it also became this wild horse that took off with us on top because we didn’t really know how to ride and basically just had to hang on….it wasn’t ever going to be though….her heart was with someone else….mine was still waiting for the one to cradle it gently and fuck it stupid….


We liked the idea….again….not taking my own advice….not listening to our gut….we tried because it seemed like it should work….that doesn’t mean it will….or should….I will forever be grateful she had the courage to say hey….this just isn’t it….for all my bravado and courage I think it would’ve taken me longer….and I’m stubborn….she expected a backlash that never really came….neither of us were hurt really….just disappointed….however so many revaluations came from it….


We started listening to our gut….our intuition….we learned more about ourselves….and what it is we truly want….it’s not to share with the world….it’s not for the status updates or pictures together on social media….all those things could fall away….then what do you have….burn it all to the fucking ground….it’s not real….it showed me more about who I am and the things I desire in a relationship….and they involve me and one person holding each other at night….I even wrote about it….


My heart isn’t nearly as reckless as it seems….I’m not going from one thing to the next or constantly searching….I’m not….my eyes are always open….they just aren’t always looking in the right place….I am just willing to jump off a cliff to see what it feels like….but my gut always knows….this isn’t the time you fly either….but I must try….I hate what ifs.


People come into and out of our lives at exactly the right moment.


So tonight we are saying goodbye to each other….I know many won’t get this….but it’s part of our language and makes sense to us….she is in love with someone else….and I won’t ever do anything to threaten that….we are always two friends that should’ve stayed that way….but at least no what ifs….so we will say goodbye and part ways as friends….because she wants me to be clean too….because I like someone….she would never threaten that….our guts tell us it’s the right thing….


I don’t fall in like easy….despite how it looks….I’m an openly guarded book….but I do like someone….I owe it to myself to see what’s there….my eyes were open….I saw them….I just wasn’t looking hard enough….I’m a stubborn man sometimes….


I saw her riding the bumper cars….I just moved a little slow getting to the ferris wheel….now I’m listening to my gut….my intuition knows….follow your path….see where it’s taking you….so tonight I’ll tell my friend goodbye….she has to go see about a boy….and I have a ferris wheel to go climb.


People come into and out of our lives at exactly the right moment.

© Jason King 2016


Jason King


Jason King is a storyteller, seeker of passion, hopeless romantic, cynic, and possibly completely mad. You can find more of his exquisite writing at Jason King.

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This Shots For You – Jason King

Jason's Truth2


I’m listening to blues for the westside….Ronnie earl and the broadcasters….I have a love for grimy blues….it fits my mood today….I write about love often….today however is one of those days I’m asking why the fuck I do that….because I can easily tell you about loss much easier…..and everything love isn’t supposed to be….


See I heard something today….that for some reason left a bad taste in my mouth….a bitter one….I found out someone I’m honestly not even bothering to mention because they’ve lost that right….was away with the new person they’re with….I had one of those what the actual fuck moments….because we never did that….even after many suggestions from me….as it turns out many of the things I seemed to have too beg for ( never do this, if you are, stop) during that time are now done freely and with a smile….I finally realized….they did not love me like they claimed….I know people will say well they loved you as best they could and so on….I’m going to have to disagree….here’s why….


They were capable of the things I was seeking….like the ones for you were perfectly able to do them….but….they didn’t….they didn’t see our worth….and certainly didn’t show that they did….in any relationship there will be times and things you’re not crazy about….maybe you aren’t thrilled about some restaurant they like….or movie….but you know it makes them happy….and that’s important to you….compromise….just make sure you’re not the only one doing that….


It’s tough to hear….tough to say….they didn’t love me as much as they said….fuck that stings….but actions….and we’ve all heard this before….actions speak louder than words….it’s the truth….all the sweet words in the world…won’t matter if their actions are saying you’re not worth it to me…. We have to be willing to look at these things….and admit them….when you’re smack in the middle of it we don’t always see it….I certainly didn’t….I do now though….I see them doing the things I desired to have in a relationship….only to be denied….I should’ve walked away sooner….hindsight can be an asshole….karma isn’t coming to save us….so be it…. We can learn from it though….recognize the patterns….


No don’t make the new one pay for sins of others….but now you know wait I’m worth it….I’ll be damned if I settle….bring your A game….or don’t bother playing….I’ve survived and now know I can….step up….or step out the door….we know what to look for….


Something else you won’t always hear people say….if you’re pissed….a little bitter….just want to flip them off….it’s okay….feel that….don’t deny it….go out with friends and have a few drinks and say….fuck them….turn on music that is so downright grimy you get the gas face listening to it….let it all out….feelings just want to be felt….honor those….feel it all the way….until it’s time to no longer feel them….necessary until it’s unnecessary….but it is okay….OKAY….to be pissed….


Sometimes I read sweet quotes and want to throw my phone across the room….we don’t have to walk around blissed out….with smiles and always floating around…..all sweet and awwwww I forgive them….here’s a sunflower….no fuck that….be mad….it means you’ll never settle for less than you deserve again….forgive them when you’re ready….until you are….well this shots for you….I’ll be at the grimy blues bar if you need me.

© Jason King 2016


Jason King


Jason King is a storyteller, seeker of passion, hopeless romantic, cynic, and possibly completely mad. You can find more of his exquisite writing at Jason King.

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