Keep One In The Chamber

This poem was previously published on my column on Feminine Collective.


Darkness has fallen. The winds, they blow strange.
The devils we know have all changed their names.
They have coloured their faces, these heathens without shame,
all pointing corrupt fingers, all deflecting the blame.
They kill our time breathing upon life’s precious things,
taking pleasure from bullets tearing butterfly wings.
One for the kid just trying to get home,
clutching rainbows of death and his girl on the phone.
A few for the women, the mothers not to be,
slaughtered for their choices in the land of the free.
Five for the heroes who laid down their lives
when a blue line was crossed in Dallas that night.
Another forty-nine blazed through the night skies,
carrying the pulse of one love on terrified cries.
In San Bernardino there was holiday cheer,
and then fourteen funerals to ring in the New Year.
In the back of a car on the side of a road,
a little girl counts as a gun unloads.
Into her daddy the bullets are sprayed,
white ones and blue ones and both are afraid.
Her mama is crying and this is their fight,
cars without tail lights and bodies without white.
Gone are the days when we put kids to bed,
with nary a worry but a kiss on the head.
We used to teach fools to be wary of strangers,
but now we tell children to keep one in the chamber.

© Nicole Lyons 2017


You can fan the flames with hate
or stoke the fire with love,
either way, it’s going to burn.

Let It Burn – Jason King

Image Source: Pinterest

I’m sitting outside….gazing at the night sky….counting stars….I’ve always had a love affair with them….it’s quiet….except for the crickets….and this large dog on the other side of a fence barking at me….I bite back dammit….this makes me think also I’m actually a little excited for my nervous breakdown….I’m only half joking about this…. mainly because the gods know I’m exhausted.

So I sit here….drink in one hand….cigarette in the other….static-x is playing on Pandora right now…. and I let my mind drift….I am tired…. not just physically….I’ve had writers block for what feels like forever now….it’s honestly driving me mad….spoken to a few writer friends about it….tried to follow their advice….still nothing….I hope it passes soon….I hate to admit it but I get jealous sometimes….many have books or write these brilliant things….and I’m stuck….I know we are supposed to be happy for others….and I am….my friends are geniuses….but fuck it if those feelings don’t creep in of damn I wish I was doing that….or why didn’t I think of that….what they wrote is really damn good….ah well we are all human….

It’s funny the things I “worry” about….things like words….in the grand scheme of things it’s probably not that big a deal….but I also know words are the most powerful thing….so this is what I worry about….not the fact I now have a warrant out….and if I’m stopped by a cop I’ll be going to jail….shoulder shrug….I’ll jump off that bridge when I get to it….it’s not the first time I’ve been in a jail….I could use the vacation….so yes….I worry about why I’m blocked….first world problems.

Back to my enjoying a nervous breakdown….the world is making me tired….social media makes me want to Van Gogh my mind….I can’t read comments or an article without it devolving into a race war….with each side blaming the other for every injustice in the world….if we aren’t paying for the sins of those before us we are blaming those now….five minutes after reading comments I fantasize about letting them all go at it gladiator style….we get it….half of the population is angry or hates the other half….I can’t solve this….you can’t either….hate….racism….people will find whatever excuse they need to justify it….they don’t need our help….Hell the media will take care of it for us….give peace a chance they say….we have….part of me wants to throw my hands up and say fine….everyone just kill each other….maybe those of us left can finally move on….more than likely not….assholes always find a way….like Jurassic park….but with stupidity.

Then this election….the fucking shit show circus that it is….can’t be escaped….honestly at this point eating a lightbulb would be less painful….let’s be honest….I don’t care who you vote for….both these people are awful….reading comments on political post as well will make you kind of hope they push a button….just to make it stop….I won’t get into that debate….but honestly….what the fuck do these rich fucks have in common with us….nothing….after the election we will all still get up and go to work…pay bills….be stressed….ironically that statement will probably start a comment war… of those I just sigh at and close….it serves no purpose….I don’t think I’m alone in this thinking though….half the people I talk to are just tired….sick and fucking tired of it all….politicians don’t have our best interest in mind….they just don’t….

Back to words are a powerful thing….tell people what they want to hear….afterwards….line your pockets….my day to day life won’t change….I’ll be at work tomorrow….trying to make it to next payday….go fight amongst yourselves….I’m just trying to make it on what’s in my gas tank and eat….you want to hate someone because of pigment….or what God they worship….go ahead….I’m not going to change your mind….nor do I want to….I’m too damn tired….I’m thinking about what I can take to lunch tomorrow….seriously enough is enough….peace is great….but utopia is only found in books….at this point….I can’t even care if they all kill each other….I know I know….what a terrible thing to say….love will win the day….or change will only happen if we stand up and say something….positive vibes out into the universe….or pray….fine….

I’m okay being the bad guy….throwing my hands up and saying….you know what I’m burned out….if politics and race and religion separate us all that much….have the hell at it…maybe then the rest of us can move forward….but I doubt it….there’s always someone ready to hate. Yes I know….what a negative view….I call it realistic….either way.

I think that’s why we root for the bad guy….secretly envy the bad guy….I watched a very popular show Sunday….you know the one….and I found myself envying the “villain”….maybe because I understood him….or I got it….and I admired his willingness to just say fuck it….I’m going to do what I want….he just wasn’t worried about the things most of us worry about….I think that’s why we love and hate them….they’re free in ways we aren’t….we would all probably prefer to live in the light….but let’s be truthful….probably won’t happen….there’s a reason heath ledgers joker was so popular….many thought….damn it would be nice to just cut loose and stand up and say fine….we’ve tried everything else….let’s just let it all burn….we are too tired to keep going….chasing our tails….going in circles.

We can put a sunflower in a gun….that gun will still fire….so fine….you want to strike a match….let me get the gasoline….maybe when it’s all on fire it’ll finally sink in….oh wait….we are arguing over things that at this point shouldn’t be an issue….too late….light a cigarette from the embers of what was….or maybe I’m just a nihilist….or a realist….or maybe I finally had that breakdown I was looking forward to….now I can finally rest and just enjoy the blaze.

© Jason King 2016

Jason King

Jason King is a storyteller, seeker of passion, hopeless romantic, cynic, and possibly completely mad. You can find more of his exquisite writing at Jason King.

Winds of Change





I have nurtured

the seeds

of resistance

planted in my bones

long ago.

Roots grown

swift and mighty,

a solid foundation

of iron

stands me firm

and holds me true.


of resilience

climb the length

of my spine-straight.


down arms

of hope and

hands of peace,

raised in wait,

to embrace

a revolution.


rides the back

of howling winds,

and if seeds

of hatred

are all you have


the tempest will

eat you alive.



The Ugliest War of You 

Absolutely amazing. This is exceptional.


I live in a place where people say “faggot”  as causal as one would say, “hello.” A passing respectful nod from a stranger  is common, although just under his brea…

Source: The Ugliest War of You 

Twisted Sins


I hear it spewed from the loud mouths
spit-slicked with the hate I was born with,
“I’d see him dead before I saw him a faggot.”
I see clenched fists raised high,
scarred from years of cuffs
and, I will eat your young!
but now, “Jesus!”
as fists come down to pummel his wife again.
I taste shame, as I look upon this table
of cheaters and whores, no better than me.
But I am the sheep that wears the dirty cloak.
For it is dark and black as night,
made up of all things found
on the wrong side of the tracks.
The spot where sins twist
and dirty souls are shaped.
Somewhere along that midnight road,
between churches and graves,
you’ll find my stolen spirit,
and you’re welcome to it.

© Nicole Lyons 2016

Hey, Batter Batter!

We spend our time swaddled in self-righteousness, being outraged at the outrage of others, laying blame at the feet of everyone but ourselves.

Aren’t you tired of casting stones, or just afraid that if you stop, you may have to catch a few?

Rights, Wrongs and The Sanctity of Life

It started with a simple tweet where I expressed my opinion in regard to the hundreds that I saw where people were screaming, “more guns”, “shoot back”, “arm the country”; and it turned into the pistol packers calling me everything from “vapid” to a baby killer. Wait, what? A baby killer? Apparently it’s completely okay to shout loud and proud all about gun rights but calling for gun control makes you “just as bad as the killer.”



Look, I’m not talking about banning guns, FFS, but let’s do some math here. Now you’re going to need to give me a minute, math has never been my best subject.


2015 Gun deaths in America – a fucking lot.


2015 Gun deaths in Canada – too many, but not even on the radar compared to America.


Why such a difference? Because Canada has some gun control, granted it’s not the best gun control but it’s there. For instance I couldn’t purchase a gun. Why not you ask? Because I have a diagnosed mental illness, it’s called bipolar disorder. While I’m 100% sure I’m not going to take a gun and go on a shooting rampage, my government is going to double down and make damn sure I wont, and I’m good with that.


Guns are a necessity in this world and I wouldn’t dream of taking them away from responsible owners. My family are hunters and my father proudly displays his trophies from the skeet shooting tournaments that he’s won. Where does he keep his guns? Locked the fuck away where no one can see them or access them.


Safety first.


Now the most amusing hate that I received from that single tweet was from the people that popped up to randomly ask me if I believed in a woman’s RIGHT to choose. If you must know, of course I do. That’s when I was called a baby killer.


How come every time one of these shootings occur the people screaming about their rights to guns also scream that a woman has no rights over her own body? I’m not trying to take your rights away, why are you insisting on taking mine?


Closed minds open mouths.

Warm regards,




Here’s a word from my friend Sarah Fader, one of the women whose rights you would choose to take away. Take it away, Sarah:


In 2002 I had an abortion. Thankfully I was able to have it in the safety of a doctor’s office. I have many friends who have had abortions at Planned Parenthood or other clinics – and that is their right.  When a woman walks into a clinic she has the right to safety.


Here’s a scenario- a woman is walking into a medical clinic, gets shot and dies. I just want to know – how does the right to bear arms trump the sanctity of this woman’s life? The pro-life activists would argue that she was a “baby killer” and she deserved to die. They fail to see the hypocrisy in that statement.


  1. Having an abortion is not killing a baby. It is terminating a collection of cells.
  2. It’s never morally okay to kill an innocent person, such as a woman walking into a medical clinic for a routine procedure.


You heard me right – abortion is a routine procedure and women have a right to do what they want with their own bodies.


If a woman wants to have an abortion she doesn’t have to explain her reasoning to you.


Human life is sacred and the way to preserve it is to start placing firmer regulations on gun control in America. Stop selling guns at Walmart and start doing background checks on people who wish to buy firearms. Do they have a violent criminal history? Well, then don’t sell them a gun.


Change starts now.


Sandy Hook, Columbine, Kalamazoo, San Bernardino, Planned Parenthood…should I go on?


How many children have to die before we regulate guns?





Sarah Fader is the flavor vanilla with something unusual in it – like gummy bears, because she’s sometimes extroverted and wants everybody to like her, but some folks are like “wait a minute, this vanilla ice cream has gummy bears in it?! That’s weird. I don’t know about that…” Other people love that this particular ice cream has gummy bears in it, because it makes it more interesting and special. She blogs for The Huffington Post and writes a column called Panic Life for Psychology Today. She has been seen in the media in The Wall Street Journal, HuffPost Live, Good Day New York and Fox News. Sarah is the Founder and CEO of the mental health non-profit Stigma Fighters  Follow her on Twitter

Dear America

February 5, 2016 – 11:00 PST

I’m itchy, cranky, and my vision has started to fail.

FYI: If WebMD has told you that you’re living with syphilis get a second opinion ASAP, and GTFO WebMD anyway because it’s WebMD. You may just be experiencing a touch of Twitter overload instead, the symptoms are pretty much the same thing. But remember, I’m not a doctor.

Spending an entire day on Twitter is not for amateurs, you have to be Roosh V status and live in your Mom’s basement for that kind of dedication. It is work. Don’t get me wrong, I spend a lot of time on my Mac, like I’m sure most of you do (Goddess help us all) I write stuff for people. I run a pretty high traffic advocacy page that requires a lot of attention, and I sit on the board of a few non profits so I’m pretty glued to a screen. But today was the first day that I have actually done nothing but troll Twitter all day and I am  exhausted. Let’s take a moment and give credit where credit is due:

SHOUTOUT to all of the Basement Goblins’ Moms who actually pick up the laundry of their “pick up artist” sons while they parade around being Kings of Masculinity. I would lose my shit! Your job title says pick up artist so pick up your nasty ass gonch your damn self. Those Moms are bigger women than I am.

With day 1 of this little experiment finally having come to an end, I have to say while my level of commitment was intense, I really didn’t afford myself any wiggle room and that’s going to be a huge problem. I have a family and they’re not all self-sufficient, also I’m one of those women that love my family and prefer their company to the Trolls on Twitter. I know, it’s weird. I guess I’ll have to find a balance, because if I end up making another dinner like whatever it was I made tonight, we’ll all die hungry.

So what have I learned on this highly entertaining yet enlightening day of trolling Twitter? To put it in the simplest terms, because most of the people I have corresponded with today could not possibly be America’s finest (please don’t be America’s finest, else we’re all fucked) Ron White nailed it. You can’t fix stupid.

Today the trolling started with the whole Roosh V being outed as living at home in his Mom’s basement, which is funny as hell, but it kept a dialogue going about violence against women, women’s rights, and human fucking decency. Sadly it brought his disgusting followers out loud and proud like moths to a flame, and they are a shifty sort. No real pictures, some psychedelic profile photo with a big dick name, OR it’s them holding a big fucking gun or bow in front of a Nativity Scene. Now I know there are women hating racist homophobes everywhere, but America it was all you today that felt the need to send me pictures of dead holocaust victims because of my “big Jew nose” Not Jewish btw, just a big beautiful nose.

America, I am honestly frightened for you because while the majority of these white trash, Donal Trump supporting, women hating, racist hillbillies who were tweeting me the most vile shit are not even a little bit smart, some of these guys actually seem educated. Not this dude though. This dude thinks the Prime Minister of Canada is James Woods. No disrespect to Mr. Woods but I think he should stick to acting. Loved Shark.



I know hate is everywhere, but the level of hate that these dip-shit men spew is astounding. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a Canadian and have had the privilege to live in a Country where we accept others and celebrate diversity (well except for that whole time Harper was in but we’re trying to block that out), but I just don’t get you guys down there. I know we have some serious assholes up here but you are expert level fucked up in The USofA. I feel so bad for all of my lovely American friends and family who deal with this hate daily.

When I try to wrap my head around it I vomit a little in my mouth, and then I thank my lucky stars that I am raising strong bright Canadian girls in the most beautiful accepting Country in the world. I feel like I should stand for the Canadian National Anthem right now but instead:


Dear America,

You’re our closest neighbour and ally, although I hear some of you are pissed that we’re pulling our combat jets out of this whole mess and establishing more of a training role. Dude, we’re fierce when need be, but innately we’re peacekeepers, and I’m super proud of that. Hate on us all you want, but we’ll hit you with love almost every time. And, we’ll pick you up, because that’s the kind of people we are.

We dig you America and we just want to help you out. Stop the hate.

But, we are a bit concerned with this whole election process of yours, so we’re here to help. Consider us for President. In my 7.5 seconds as Commander In Chief I vow to legalize Kinder Eggs. You can’t be angry and mass shooty when you have Kinder Eggs, look at our record, coincidence? I leave that to you to decide.

In conclusion, America I’d like you to think about a few things:

  1. Women are equal, there is no argument there.
  2. Rape is never okay.
  3. Gun control is a good thing, no one is trying to take your guns away, just be responsible.
  4. A hate spewing politician is cause for concern.
  5. Muslims are not bad people. For the love of everything stop lumping all Muslims in with radical extremist groups like ISIS.
  6. Global warming is a real thing.
  7. Violence is never the answer, even when admittedly it may feel good to slap someone red.
  8. A woman’s body is hers and only hers. Stop telling her what she can and can not do with her reproductive rights.
  9. Corporations and mass consumption are the real devil.
  10. Try getting by with a little bit of love, you know that “hopey changey” stuff. It’s good for your soul

Warm regards,






Fuck you, Jian


Bone Broth and Breastmilk

It’s Day 3 of the Jian Ghomeshi trial, the first witness has been discredited already and we’ve now moved right along on to number 2.

During the time the story broke that he was being fired from the CBC as sexual assault accusations came to light, every woman I spoke to about it was deeply disturbed. Deeply disturbed. Every woman. No matter her age, level of Q fandom, political leanings and/or lifestyle, this story, of all news stories, had knocked the wind out of her. She couldn’t get it out of her head. Couldn’t stop thinking. Things were coming back to her. Feelings, and questions, about interactions she’d buried in the subterranean sludge of her mind for years. Interactions that were flooding her now. She couldn’t breathe.

I’ve been degraded, I’ve been humiliated, I’ve been coerced, I’ve been pressured, I’ve been guilt-tripped, I’ve been taken advantage of, I’ve had my humanity…

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