Scar – Michelle Schaper

The remains of the day softly settled on her skin She sat reflecting while her heart let stars come in With these stars came dark of night, twisting all her thoughts A crescent moon scarring black canvas, a reminder of her flaws Staring at the luminous scar floating oh so high, she saw beauty shining … Continue reading Scar – Michelle Schaper

You are never alone – Sarah Jean Bowers

Depression and anxiety Encompass more than sadness, Fumbling hands, and racing heartbeats. It's missed deadlines, Canceled plans, drawn blinds to block the sun, prayers to make it to dawn. It's silence after breakdowns, Bruised knees From praying for peace. It's lying in the fetal position, drowning in a sea of tears. It's succumbing to grief … Continue reading You are never alone – Sarah Jean Bowers

A Furious Ascension

I'd like to thank the brilliant group of talented writers and editors at Sudden Denouement for publishing my newest poem A Furious Ascension. Have a read here.

Today is my Goddam Birthday – Dori Owen

I received a card stating this a few years ago and found it amusing enough to become my birthday theme. I am not really prone to random profane statements on my own. Do not even think about asking me how old I am. I would never tell you, anyway. I am young enough to be … Continue reading Today is my Goddam Birthday – Dori Owen

Divergent Literature Short-form Writing Contest – 100 dollars – Sudden Denouement

Calling all writers! Sudden Denouement Literary Collective is running a short-form writing contest and you can grab the details on submissions and how to enter here.