Sometime In The Mourning

And I am looking for healing within the hands of a woman who claims she still sees all the colours I have felt fading from somewhere deep inside of me. And I am searching for clarity within the hands of a woman who claims she still sees all the light I have felt dimming from … Continue reading Sometime In The Mourning

God Damn If I Haven’t Learned

In this life I have lived and I have loved too hard and too fast to ever make it to the finish line in one solid piece. I have lost my heart to fate and fools and scorched my feet inside friendly fire. I have broken my back against walls and learned that love doesn’t … Continue reading God Damn If I Haven’t Learned

Where Green Things Grow

For GG, with love I was here, and I burned with you. Like kindling struck, my brittle bones did break hot, but oh how we danced, when my coolest hands palmed the sweat off your neck, we glowed good, and I took your love to my veins. From lungs of fire upon gasping breath I … Continue reading Where Green Things Grow

I Never Knew

Mothers Day is always bittersweet for me, I am so thankful for my two beautiful daughters but there is a part of me that still grieves for the ones I wasn't able to carry to term. Miscarriage, though unfortunately all too common, is often not talked about, as if there is a shame there. This … Continue reading I Never Knew

On a Kiss

About a month ago I was asked by a follower of my FB page to write a poem for what would have been her son's sixth birthday. William Dallas was born premature on January 27th, 2011 and passed away in his mother's arms on February 11, just fifteen days after he was born. I struggled … Continue reading On a Kiss

You Don’t Know Me – Dianne Hoffmeyer

    You think you know me? You don't. You think I'm the same woman from a few years back? Not even close. You think I'm still quiet, subservient, timid and fragile? Afraid Not. You think I'm just going to let you do and say what you want to me? Think again...   I can … Continue reading You Don’t Know Me – Dianne Hoffmeyer

3am Thoughts – Matthew D. Eayre

There comes a time to say goodbye to who somebody is, and let go of who you wanted them to be. My grandmother told me this when I was too young to understand, but I have remembered. I was heartbroken (I thought) over a girl who meant everything to me (I thought) and I asked, … Continue reading 3am Thoughts – Matthew D. Eayre

Six Words

It's amazing how much can be said, or not said, in six little words.  

Is It Good Enough? – Matthew D. Eayre

My first day at preschool, I could see that the teacher's aide wanted to teach me the letters, so I didn't say,   I know this already... I was afraid of hurting her feelings. When she asked me to try, I read the words and kept reading, I learned to read at home when I … Continue reading Is It Good Enough? – Matthew D. Eayre