Selfish On Sundays – Nicole Lyons & Rachel Finch

I wrote a poem called In Blues and Golds that was published on Sudden Denouement a few days ago and one of my dear friends, Rachel of Bruised But Not Broken, read the piece and was inspired enough to write a piece around a couple of the sections of my original poem. Upon reading Rachel's … Continue reading Selfish On Sundays – Nicole Lyons & Rachel Finch

Scar Crossing

I am who I am and I make no apologies. My soul has always been from another place, where hearts are seen and scars are shared. There's another world somewhere waiting for me. I hear it calling in my dreams; it's calling me home. I run towards the voices, the hearts, the scars, until I'm … Continue reading Scar Crossing

To Summon the Beast – A collaboration Nicole Lyons & SeA

Our shadows danced around the fire like savages before a kill, unaware that our souls were their prey. Graced without inhibitions or regard for self-preservation, we danced on. The flames licked our heathen heels, scorching flesh long into the night. The way we moved bled fevers through seared skin and cast the smells of our … Continue reading To Summon the Beast – A collaboration Nicole Lyons & SeA

Crazy, Cancer & Chuckles

Last month Stephanie Bennett-Henry and I wrote something together that touches on Stigma. I was reluctant to post it for (get this) fear of offending people. How ridiculous is that? Pretty ridiculous considering the disgusting comments and jokes that people are making today, in regard to Sinead O'Connor. I swear to God, some of you need … Continue reading Crazy, Cancer & Chuckles


A collaboration with the beautiful and brilliant Stephanie-Bennett-Henry He was intense. A drug. And I couldn’t get enough, no matter how much of him I consumed. He was potent and powerful and he ruined me. And I yearned to ruin. I kept going back for more. I swear if I were to rip myself open, … Continue reading Addicted