I’d Rather Smoke Weed Than Deal With Carol

I’d Rather Smoke Weed Than Deal With Carol

If you haven't yet read, So There's This Pharmacist, I'd encourage you to do so right now, just so you know exactly what we're dealing with here. On the last post in The Carol Series I told you that med pickup time was on Wednesday. Scott was aware that he was to pick up my [...]

So There’s this Pharmacist…

So there's this pharmacist, we'll call her Carol — because her name is Carol. Carol has a way of making me feel like a junkie every time I call in to have my scripts refilled. Every. Fucking. Time. I have never seen Carol smile, not ever, but she has a sneer like you have never seen. The woman gives [...]

Fun At The Pharmacy

Part of living with a mental illness such as bipolar disorder is figuring out your "triggers" and how to: A) avoid them B) learn to deal with them when they can't be avoided. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong. That couldn't be more wrong. Triggers are a very serious thing, and very specific to each person. [...]