Pressure Sex (trigger warning) – Our Lady Of Lust And Grace

My girl, oh my feisty awesome girl, got sexually assaulted last year. What do you say? “I’ve been there, I love you, be brave, you got this.” It’s almost a rote response at this point. One i…

Source: Pressure Sex (trigger warning)

Bursting Pure And Blooming

Landlocked and scraping my belly
in the depths of their apologies,
I learned to hold my breath
in an ocean of abandonment.
The bitter taste of sunny days
danced upon my tongue, twisting
with the weeds of their neglect before
I swallowed them, and felt
the tear of my lungs
bursting pure, and blooming
the greenest words
from my throat.
The feathered stroking
of doubtful creatures making homes
out of the shame in my veins
screamed for release,
and oh how I released them.
Into deaf ears and cruel eyes
my soul flowed, spilling
truth and pouring pain
into the deep pools
of their shallow love.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

Thank You – Charlene/Lorna Evol

It has taken me a great while to find the peace to say the words that I knew I needed to. Many long dark nights and cold days have brought me to this place to speak to you. I’m sure you are expecting searing words to pour from the pain you caused me. It would be a lie to say that there are not many tear stained pages filled with that anger, but today I came to say Thank You.

You and your actions, as cold and cruel as they were, saved me. I can’t deny you acted in complete selfishness, but you gave me something that will never be taken away. You taught me how to dig down deep into my soul and find the will to fight. It was a hard lesson and so many times more of a curse than a gift, but I came out the other side.

Thank you for tearing me apart so I could learn to love all my broken pieces and put myself back together again. Thank you for rejecting my love. It showed me how truly precious and valuable it is. I came to understand that I am special because you gave me a sense of worthlessness. I didn’t write these words to burn you with hatred. I write these words to release you with forgiveness.

I’m sure you expected me to despise you, but you gave me the gift of compassion out of your abuse and apathy. I just wanted to say Thank You!




Charlene Trolinder aka Lorna Evol is a small town kid born and raised in Dumas, TX. She fought all her childhood to survive, born with a rare chromosomal disease. She attended West Texas A&M, where she obtained a Bachelor’s in Psychology. It was later in life that she realized she struggled with severe depression and anxiety. Each day is a battle, but she loves the simple things. She is an avid reader and animal lover. She draws her inspiration from her struggles, and she tries to give hope to others through her words.

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Dropping Leaves of Dreams – Nicole Lyons

Thank you to Sudden Denouement for publishing my latest piece.

Source: Dropping Leaves of Dreams – Nicole Lyons

Under The Sycamore

Photo Credit:wazimu0 via Feminine Collective

Thanks to Feminine Collective for publishing  Under The Sycamore, it was a difficult write and I am pleased with how it turned out.

Peace by Piece – Nicole on FC



A big thank you to Feminine Collective for publishing one of my poems today. This one was a hard write but so freeing.

Peace by Piece

It was always yours

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Enter with a happy heart
and clean feet.
You broke that battle before
it broke you. Don’t ever
let it back in.

Walk down hallways
and remember. You have taken
back what they had
stolen. It was always
yours. Welcome home.

© Nicole Lyons 2016

Sit pretty









I want to be cruel. I want to lash out at everyone
who has used me, and I want to do it over
and over again. I want them all to know
what ungrateful feels like. I want them
to wear the cloak of unloved, slip into taken
for granted, and sit pretty in thankless.
I want them to feel what it is like to be sliced
open so the vampires can feed. I want them to give
and give and give until they have nothing left
to give, and then I want them to give some more.
And then maybe, just maybe they will understand

©Nicole Lyons 2016

The Colour of Us

Colour of us


Thank you to Feminine Collective for publishing this piece.




Just for tonight
let’s forget to remember
how we hurled our words,
like bottles filled with hate
smashing against the walls of
each other’s hearts, and how
we delighted in the little cuts
we made.
Just for tonight
let’s forget to remember
how we poked those little cuts,
grinding filth in deep, and how
we numbed ourselves to the taste
of our shame.
Just for tonight
let’s forget to remember how we
let our sick hearts die, and how
we watched shadows swirl and take
us both under.
Just for tonight
let’s remember how we
once loved so intensely that
together we could drive light
into the darkest
of places.

© Nicole Lyons 2016


  • A special thank you to my dear friend Bob for inspiring that last line.