I am Nothing – S.L. Heaton

"Is this your better half?" "No, not really." In a moment I was reduced to nothing. I turned my face so you couldn't see the torment because I've never been good at hiding my feelings. The sting of nothingness was strong because I always thought I was at least something to you. You were my … Continue reading I am Nothing – S.L. Heaton

My Christmas Story – S.L. Heaton

I wish I had something poetically profound to say about the holidays but I do not...all I have is a story...my story. I remember Christmas when I was young...maybe 6 or 7 years old...I loved it so much...not because of all the gifts...don't get me wrong I loved the presents...it was because of the get … Continue reading My Christmas Story – S.L. Heaton

Angels Crossing – S.L. Heaton

"Hey pretty lady...do you remember me?" A woman in her late 70s reached for my hand...her touch was soft and warm...so comforting. Her soul felt familiar to me. I work for the post office and this particular day I was in a customer lobby to help during the Christmas rush. I've been to this office … Continue reading Angels Crossing – S.L. Heaton

By My Own Admission #6 – S.L. Heaton

By my own admission...you taught me so many things. Lessons I will always carry with me. Like how to shut down during a disagreement because silence was so much better than the mockery of words I tried to speak out loud. You taught me to be tough…not to cry…because crying is ugly. I learned to … Continue reading By My Own Admission #6 – S.L. Heaton