Up In Smoke

This summer has hidden my faults and distorted my memories for a chance at a cool ride on a hot moment deep in the middle of July. And I suppose if the pain in my back and the ache in my bones could be blamed on the weather, then I would surely think that the … Continue reading Up In Smoke

My Heart Breaking Tomorrow

Today my lips are chapped from all of the kisses I have given away, and I can already feel my heart breaking again tomorrow. I have set my soul to repeat every yesterday when the vision I held of myself was still as clear and half as clean as the hope I watched you bury … Continue reading My Heart Breaking Tomorrow

Guard Dropped

Oh Stephanie! *Swooon*

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I want the version of you still unguarded, before life ripped in with its clenched fists and jaw unhinged, before it bit in trying to lick new wounds from the other side of your innocence, flipped over and planted dirty.

Show me your eyes before the burial that choked your throat with seeds you never knew could grow on the soft part of your voice like a whisper blooming into a scream you hoped would die in the casket with you.

Stand up and step out of the skin that grew filthy from the war brought to your face by an enemy you had no choice but to welcome because the blood runs thick to thin sometimes until it empties clear when the battle is over.

Resurrect your own name as though you are digging up your truth before you became a story told by someone with blood on their…

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The Curve of Her Wish

Perception is a tricky thing. Sometimes what she believes to be real is nothing more than the sound lonely wishes make when she has wrapped them in defeat and set them loose into a thirsty world. And in those moments, when I am picking her up off the floor again, I wipe her eyes and … Continue reading The Curve of Her Wish

Have I Offended You?

Have I offended you enough? Is today the day when you will type your pedantic verses on the not quite organic paper you were lucky enough to find, buried under last year’s lonely hearts Valentine card stock in a flash Friday two for one sale at Chrissy’s Cuts and dollar bargain free-for-all? Have I offended … Continue reading Have I Offended You?

Book Review – Composition of a Woman – by Christine Ray

I was thrilled when the brilliant Christine Ray of Brave and Reckless asked me to read and review an advanced copy of her debut collection, 'Composition of a Woman', and let me tell you guys, you are going to want to mark your calendars for its July 31st release date! This book is fire, unbridled, … Continue reading Book Review – Composition of a Woman – by Christine Ray

On Poetry #4

I wouldn't call myself a poetry whore, but there is something about a well-placed comma that really revs my engine.     © Nicole Lyons 2018