Lessons I’ve Learned Over The Last Decade

Love doesn’t mean forever
and loyalty can carry a weight
far heavier than betrayal.
Friends will come and go,
but the good ones will leave you
with a heart full of love
and memories to last a lifetime.
Once you’ve saved for a rainy day,
your world will indeed flood.
It’s okay to disagree with people
on controversial ideas, they are
usually subjective anyway.
Until they aren’t anymore.
Climate change is real.
Your kids will develop their own opinions,
their own style, their own outlook,
and you will hate so much of it.
Breathe deeply, you’ve taught them well,
now let them stretch their legs.
The first time your daughter
tells you she can comb her own hair,
it will break your heart.
Rest easy, in time she will ask you to
sit with her and comb her hair,
and you will. And she will tell you all
about her friends and her hopes
and all of the dreams you were so sure
she had been trying to hide from you.
Explore the world, even if means little
more than turning right instead of left.
Some of the best lessons can be found
in coffee shops three blocks out of
your comfort zone, or in a town
two hours west of your own.
Eat the cake, even if it means sweating
through an extra set of lunges tomorrow.
Vinyl flooring is the bee’s knees
and laying it is easy peasy,
but achieving the perfect antiqued
finish on an old dresser definitely isn’t.
Walk on the wild side every now and again,
until the wild side turns into a dead end.
Ladies – never cut your hair whilst PMSing.
Men – if she ignores the above,
bring her chocolate and tell her
no one rocks bangs like she does.
Laugh. A lot.
Listen to your body.
It knows when all is or is not well.
Let people love you, without question,
especially when you’re at your most unlovable.
Love another, without question,
when they are at their most unlovable.
Being unlovable does not mean abusive,
the two are not the same.
Abuse, in any form, is never okay.
Forgive yourself for seeking approval
from people incapable of giving it.
Forgive your parents for the little things.
Attempt to heal your soul from all trauma,
most times it will be left to you to do alone.
Someone is always watching you.
Unless it’s a child who is learning,
let them watch, and fuck what they think.
Instant noodles always taste better
during the witching hour,
as do most things cheap
and sinfully delicious,
like kisses
with strange, new lips.
Kiss a pair of strange, new lips.
Motherhood is hard and thankless
sometimes and you may feel resentment.
Let it come and let it go,
you’re not a terrible mother for feeling
like you’d rather be doing something else.
That will fade and you will know
once again, how sometimes dark
thoughts creep into light moments
because they too, just need a little sun.
You’re worth it.
Whatever “it” is that has your passion
peaked and your soul singing,
you are most definitely worth it.
Sometimes the answers you seek
will never come and you may
as well just flip a coin.
Other times, the answers you seek
can be found in a book you overlooked
or a quote you haven’t read yet.
This isn’t that quote.

© Nicole Lyons 2019

9 thoughts on “Lessons I’ve Learned Over The Last Decade

  1. Sounds like you’d learned a lot about everything you and your environment this past year, kinda like how i’d learned everything about me and everything around me back in 2008, and now, you will, carry all of this knowledge you’d acquired, and they will, serve you well!


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