Indie Blu(e) Author Rachel Finch Reviews The Lithium Chronicles: Volume Two

Cover design by the brilliant Mitch Green

“It is always a pleasure to read Nicole’s work. She is an exceptional writer that has long been a favourite of mine and I was thrilled to be asked to look over her most recent collection ‘The Lithium Chronicles: Volume 2’.

Nicole’s honesty is what grips me. She pours her truth onto paper, the way I pour honey onto my lips when I am sour and I find her writing a truly delicious flavour.

On a very personal level, I deeply relate to Nicole’s journey with Mental Health, Medication and the Stigma & Misunderstanding often linked to both. A particularly profound piece from this volume of poetry ‘Fine On The Outside’ really struck my heartstrings, my memories, my life as it often is. What I love so much about Nicole’s work is that I know I can turn to it for a truly relatable read. Nicole is an incredible Mental Health Advocate that has inspired me for many years, fighting stigma, working for wellness and refusing to be defined by the shame many before her felt. We have become artists, skilled with thick honey, heavy on paintbrushes, each stroke masking the distaste of Mental Health Issues, flavouring our tongues with new truth and she is delightful.

Nicole is the strongest of women. An inspiration as a female, a mother, a sister, a friend, a survivor and I feel privileged to witness her unique and breathtaking journey with both Mental Health and Words. Nicole is skilled with language and in a league all of her own. When you write the way Nicole writes, there is no competition. But that’s what I love about her, she doesn’t make it one. Nicole wants everyone to win and at the very least will guide the way.

Nicole fights for women’s rights and equality. She is a fierce feminist that encourages all the women within me to rise up and raise my voice.

When I read her work, there is a lump that houses itself in my throat. An ache in my heart, already broken. There is a voice that rises up from the pages, nestles itself into my eardrums and births a strength in me, I never knew I needed.

Some other exceptional pieces from this Volume, include ‘I Have Fallen’, ‘Amnesia’ and ‘I Will Love You’, each packed with Nicole’s unique mastery with emotion.

There is a Magic in her veins and in her mind or in the both of them combined and every piece she writes is sorcery of truth unlike no other.

Nicole makes me fall in love with all the darkest parts of myself that I once despised. She leaves no room for error, enabling me to look right into the heart of myself with the clearest of vision and to ever so gently swim my way through words that ultimately lead me back to who I am.

Nicole’s work often brings me to tears, stirring emotions that otherwise may have lay dormant within my chest for eternity. A personal favourite from Volume 2, is ‘Marshmallows and Misunderstandings’ which had me balling for the often silent efforts of fighting Mental Health Issues.

“If my mind
should ever
eat all of me,
please remember
the girl
I tried to be.”

Nicole is wise and unforgiving, she is honest and relentless and an absolute magician with words. And this is exactly why I love her.”

– Rachel Finch, Bestselling poet and author of Conversations With My Higher Self

The Lithium Chronicles: Volume Two is set to drop early December 2019


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