Conversations With The Moonlight – a review

I have just finished reading Jessica Michelle’s ‘Conversations With The Moonlight’ for the second time this week and I am absolutely her newest number one fan.

I have been following Jessica, aka Jessie Michelle, on social media for the better part of two years now, after I discovered her work on a FB page I followed, but social media being what it is, her posts were often hidden from me and I wasn’t quite hip to her work enough to actively remember to seek her out – and this is where my regret was born.

Today’s social media is flooded with pithy quotes, political outrage, and all sorts of shameless people putting themselves and their cats on display, all in hopes of becoming the next big thing, I think the term is ‘social media influencer’ and I swallow back the vomit rising in my throat even typing that shit. But it’s because of this nonsense and this negativity swarming my timeline, that Jessica Michelle, and her exquisite words, were almost all but lost to me, until a friend of a friend made a comment on one of her Instagram posts and it made its way into my feed, and I will be forever grateful that it did.

‘Conversations With The Moonlight’ is a stunning work of art, split beautifully into five parts – phases, much like the moon herself. In each phase Jessica opens herself up a little more, penning the words she (and all of us) could never quite bring ourselves to say in the light of day, but speak so beautifully wrapped in night.

‘Conversations’ is exactly that, a conversation with oneself, with a lost lover, a friend forgotten, and a heart broken. ‘Conversation’s is poetic mastery, dancing beneath a full moon, a new moon, a crescent moon on display. Jessica not only dances under the moon in this gorgeous collection, she pulls it down and harnesses the power herself.

“I am left here to wonder, what do you call a love that isn’t love?”

“The whiskey is gone.
I swallow my tears,
hoping to water something new within me.”

“Now I am naked.
Basking in my truth.
All that’s left of the past are
my stories.”

Jessica Michelle neatly wraps up pain and writes it into a beautiful rebirth, and we would all be amiss if we allowed the work of this stunning wordsmith to go unnoticed and get swallowed up in the day-to-day bullshit that floods our lives.

Jessica Michelle and her book ‘Conversations With The Moonlight’ not only deserve a top spot on your bookshelf, your Instagram, your Facebook pages, but they demand it as well, and you would be a fool to let either one go unnoticed, unread, unsupported.

Jess Prof.jpg

“I have silently traveled many roads. And while there is always so much to be said, I find myself quiet. Mute. I lose myself in the words that should be spoken but never seem to find a way to escape my lips. And so, my story remains unheard. It’s nothing more than a conversation between me and the moonlight.” – Jessica Michelle

Buy your copy of this stunning book here, and follow Jessie on Instagram and Facebook.

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