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Nicole Lyons’ Blossom and Bone is an engaging collection of poems containing honest and heartfelt expressions. The language makes use of striking words that arouse intense feelings. In the poem “Melancholy”, the poet states, “Melancholy, my longest lost lover has returned, to dance with me, again.” In three sentences, the earnest message intended by the poet is delivered. Some poems are long while others are short. Some are whimsical while others are passionate. There is a mix of romantic expressions with other poems containing deeply melancholic statements, for instance in the poem “To Drink and to See You Again” there are feelings of dejection brought about by one person’s failure and departure from another’s life. Overall, the collection is anything but bland.

There is a lot happening in the poems in Blossom and Bone, from sorrow to brief moments of joy, from love to bitterness and from peace to havoc. The poems are definitely gripping with a mix of powerful emotions. The language is not at all complex which creates the feeling that the poems are real and the poet does not try too hard to impress. There are also different elements of surprise woven into the poems which make them interesting. The poem “Cut Off” contains the following lines: “I love you had never sounded quite as bitter until I heard it pouring from your mouth.” The contrast between the lines “I love you” and the statement that follows creates a powerful and an unexpected impact. Thoughtful and thrilling, Nicole Lyons’ collection is impressive.

– Edith Wairimu for Readers’ Favorite

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Blossom and Bone by Nicole Lyons is an insightful and profound collection of poems in which the author bares her soul to readers with excellent use of imagery. The poems deal with wide ranging topics like heartbreak, passion, melancholy, hope, and many other emotions that everyone deals with in life, and they are also a depiction of the poet’s life. Her heartfelt emotions are palpable through her verses. Though some of the poems are sad and painful, there are a few that give readers hope and comfort. Reading the poems in this book is therapeutic and will help readers come to terms with life, thereby taking them on a path of healing and redemption.

The poems are beautiful and intense, and will make readers contemplate and reflect more on the intricacies of human emotions. Nicole Lyons summarizes her melancholic feelings in just three lines through the poem Melancholy. “Melancholy, my longest/lost lover has returned,/to dance with me, again.” The wordplay is simple but conveys a deep sense of pain and angst effectively.

Though many of the poems are sad and poignant, there is a thread of beauty that lingers silently in the words that make Blossom and Bone memorable and captivating to readers. I like the way Nicole Lyons has explained that bit in her last poem ‘It’s Only Poetry’. This is definitely a must-read collection for all poetry lovers out there because the poems are amazingly wonderful and Nicole Lyons’ unique perspective on feelings and emotions will leave you wanting to read more of her thoughts and words.

– Mamta Madhavan for Readers Favorite

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There’s something truly beautiful about the way of the world, if we can just understand it. In Blossom and Bone you can see what it is about the world around us and about each of us that is so beautiful and wonderful. Understanding the wonder of each person that we meet and the mix of emotions, whether pain or shame or love, is an amazing experience. The price of life and the price of death within these poems are very real and very wondrous. For anyone who is looking for a new view of everything around them, this is the way to go. Written by Nicole Lyons, this is a collection that will captivate you right from the first poem and will keep you going until you get all the way through to the last word.

In a series of long and short poems, the author makes a huge statement on beauty and amazing experiences. Even more, Nicole Lyons is able to create remarkable imagery that makes you think even harder about everything around you. Exploring everything in the world around us, and even the way that we relate to everyone and everything around us, is an amazing experience. This is a wonderful book of poetry that makes it much easier to imagine and to picture each aspect. You can see the night, feel the shame, and imagine the feeling of death or loss. Altogether, Blossom and Bone is a collection that’s going to make you really think.

– Samantha Dewitt (Rivera) for Readers’ Favorite

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