Red Beans and White Rice

Hypocrisy served
with a hefty side of red beans
and white rice,
and a pledge to love
the red man almost as much
as you love the white,
is still hypocrisy served
with a hefty side of red beans
and white rice.
Bless your heart
and a true patriot’s soul,
take care of them both,
those brown refried beans
you fill your gullet with
may have expired inside cages,
best to send them back
where they came from and stick
to black beans marked free,
the ones you can grind
without outward displays of guilt
you don’t even feel.
Mix us up a brew on Sunday morning
when red flags ripple
against blue skies and you
all meet to pat yourselves
on the back beneath the eyes
of a bearded man on a wooden tee
who would shake his head in disbelief.
Line up in rows in pews
and raise your fists
in great triumph and hallelujah
he hasn’t grabbed another pussy today,
but when he does we’ll elect him again,
to the highest seat in dirty power,
and we will rejoice when
the women and the girls fall
to their knees, open their mouths,
and we choke them with silence again.

© Nicole Lyons 2018

12 thoughts on “Red Beans and White Rice

  1. Yes. Yes to all of this.

    I’ve been trying to communicate this very idea, but the words never came as I’m too disheartened to even try to write about it.

    I’m glad that you did.

    Liked by 1 person

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