I want someone to taste the misery on my lips,
someone to sit next to my shattered self-worth
and feel the possibility of me becoming beautiful.
I want someone who understands that rainy days
and misty nights make for splendid scenery,
who would build me a home in the middle
of an everlasting rainstorm, always hiding
our doorstep deep inside the fog.
I want someone to juggle their baggage, though it be
heavier than mine, to burn candles for me,
and hang lanterns from the branches of the trees
that line the road they travel on their way home to me.
I want someone who understands that everything
I have ever loved, though it all be unworthy,
was worth it in the end, and I want them to remember
fondly our end, long after I am gone and we have
rewritten it so many times that the world’s grandest
libraries could never be quite big enough to hold
our pages, never quite deep enough to cradle our depths.
I want someone who can taste the happiness in my kiss
and feel the heartache in my touch, and I want them
to see that while I may not ever burn the brightest,
I will always burn hot enough to warm heavenly hearts
and shine a light on even the coldest souls.

© Nicole Lyons 2018

21 thoughts on “Someone

  1. Loved the beautiful and plaintive plea of the soul you have shared with us. We all need someone who is willing to sit with us in the darkness!! Someone who loves the scars and the smiles!


  2. An excellent poem, Nicole, one I hope we can all relate too as we go through our imperfect lives at times needing that someone to pick us up and carry us for a little while, to help us feel joy, to know what it is to live. The opening lines are particularly poignant for me… “the possibility of me becoming beautiful” something all of us must need from time to time from someone who just believes even when it feels like we cannot.

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