Modest Phantom – Mitch Green

Mitch Green is a welcomed addition to SD, we are so pleased to feature his poetry and his art. Check him out!

Sudden Denouement Collective

Haunted thin. Another malefactor
in the tabernacle of sober innocence.
Sheathed inward, between a soiled
pair of linen and wood, the man in
black wool bares illuminant eyes.

Secrets stacked on the forehead of
monstrous oppression; a catalog criminal.
Smokey cocks sifted through fragments
of mien – detoxing the nimble phantom
in nothing. Modest bones knew how to
collapse, inhaling tufts of fur.

The colorless beauty.
The iron warmth of man.
The living lore of Lilith.

{Mitch Green founded Rad Press Publishing in September of 2016. He is an avid artist in visual design and literature. Published in various literary journals and magazines: The Literary Yard. The Penmen Review. Vimfire Magazine – Mitch aims to seize the narrow line between all artistic mediums.

A few of his known poetic titles are: “Flesh Phoenix” “Monsters” “The Wolves Howled”.

Offering his hand in graphic direction – his book design portfolio can be…

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