to Drink and to See You, Again

Do I need to drink
to see you again,
cut myself open
again, to bleed
you out in a rush?
You’re gone now,
packed up and left
again, always fucking
again, until again
means nothing unless
I drink and I drug,
again, and I split
the cosmos, again.
Until I scream louder,
again, and faster than
the stars can carry you.
Until I can cry again,
until the edge
of the world comes
bursting again, so I can
come bursting again,
and then meet you, sliced
open again, somewhere
where blood no longer bleeds
red and you no longer leave,

© Nicole Lyons 2018

13 thoughts on “to Drink and to See You, Again

  1. Last 2 women who did that to me… very difficult when it triggers trauma. Defeats the purpose of love and support for me. Anyone else has the right to their own.
    I know too well the repercussions of choosing not to drag anyone else in and being self sufficient. Gee if I thought people were nasty to do what they did… I have really seen their form when I chose not to involve myself or take from others.
    Not to take anything away from several gorgeous women who have fucked me rotten high on nothing but love and respect. Very grate to look after myself and be there for others who love me.
    Cool poem of course

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