Beneath God and Sunshine

I still keep you here, buried
beneath god and sunshine,
hidden in the happy places
I have long since forgotten.
But the taste of you here,
smothered under my breath,
rolls in my stomach like the
sad songs we never danced to,
and every sweat-soaked regret
that walked me home at dawn.
And still, I keep you here,
hidden, while you keep
turning my stomach,
and fighting to jump
from the tip of my tongue.

© Nicole Lyons 2018

8 thoughts on “Beneath God and Sunshine

  1. Because you’re still hanging on to that lost love, that’s why you’re having trouble moving on with your life. But you should know, that the longer you hold on, the more difficult it would be, for you to move forward, because you’re, stuck in the past…


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