Fallen From Grace – Dena Daigle

A couple of weeks ago I shared a poem from my book Hush on my Facebook page and my friend and fellow writer, Dena Daigle of Phoenix Ascended, stumbled onto it and wrote a stunning poem from the inspiration she got from mine and I know you’ll love it as much as I do.

I Have Fallen – Nicole Lyons


Fallen From Grace – Dena Daigle

Sister, I too, have fallen
from the straight-laced confines of worldly grace.
My lips have tasted the poison dripping
down my throat, charring my vocal chords,
ensuring that I never speak
of the deadly disease growing inside of me.
I have felt cold steel piercing my supple flesh
and venom slowly seeping through my veins
in my feeble attempt to numb the agony thriving within.
My still-beating heart has been ripped from my ribcage
and thrown to the hungry wolves that lie
in waiting to devour me whole.
I found myself abandoned, lost and irreparably broken,
but none of those atrocities had the power to eradicate my soul.
You see, my dearest sister, I have followed your footsteps
down the hallways of purgatory,
demanding the reaper wait his turn to claim my throne.
But somehow that dark and rugged path led me back to the light.
I basked in those rays of redemption as if I had never known sin at all.
I reclaimed my power and vowed never
to allow my demons to consume me again.
My spirit now shines as bright as the midnight sun
for I learned that I harness that beautiful light within.

© Dena Daigle 2017


Much like her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana, the story of Dena Daigle is truly one of survival. Her words are a testament for those with the strength to persevere, that the beginning of a story will not define its end. Dena was born to be a writer. There is no question about it. She is a woman with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a burning desire for life. She writes with a warrior’s heart and a lover’s passion. As the ink begins to flow, she becomes one with the universe, spilling from her soul the pains of an inner child lost in the wilderness of an unforgiving world, and the joys of a woman embracing her Goddess within. Dena Daigle is a powerful voice booming from her poetic words in a society that has long tried to silence women like her. She knows these truths and has made it her mission to share them with the world…one sentence at a time.

Clyde Hurlston

Follow Dena’s stunning work on Phoenix Ascended and her blog.

Grab a copy of Scattered Ashes, Dena’s gorgeous debut book of poetry and prose.


7 thoughts on “Fallen From Grace – Dena Daigle

  1. That would be stunningly beautiful even if it was not in response to one of yours. To that it is so, I have to just say that among poets it is true that what goes around comes around and enriches all. Now I have to go look at Dena’s blog.

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