Once Upon A Time

I am standing here, screaming,
“I live, I live. I love.”
and they are laughing as you dig in
to this pile of bullshit,
shovels full of our own wasted lives.
Oh, if we all could live,
right and good like stories
filled with mighty conquests
and happier endings.
My feet are covered in this waste,
wishes treading the water
that has been pissed out of finer souls
than we could ever hope to be.
We should hope less and dig more,
there are treasures to be found
beneath the pile of golden souls
who would think well enough
to shit outside the gates of their own
once upon a time.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

7 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time

  1. To hope less (but, not hopeless) and dig more, there’s much to be said for that. I find I’m thinking of Fritz Perls’ tricotomy of conversation – Chickenshit — Bullshit — Elephantshit — I think I smell an elephant.

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