All Of The Cynics Are Left Instead

All of the stars in me are falling
all the waves have breached the banks.
All of the hope in me is spiralling,
all the hate has been given thanks.
All of the love in me is aching,
all the pain has come to dance.
All of the light in me is flickering,
all the darkness has another chance.
All of the life in me is weeping,
all the death has come to call.
All of the ships I sailed are sinking,
all the heavens have begun to fall.
All of the faith in me is breaking,
all the will has met its end.
All of the giving has turned into taking,
all the evil has become my friend.
All of the words have turned to dust,
all the poetry has lost its soul.
All of the musicians have stopped playing,
all the burdens have taken their toll.
All of the magic has lost its lustre,
all the believers have gone to bed.
All of the artists have given up,
all the cynics are left instead.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

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