Depression is Real and So is Ignorance

It’s suicide prevention month, and as most of you know, suicide is the second leading cause of death in children and teens, second to motor vehicle accidents.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up at 3am (I rarely sleep when I am beginning to swing) and went to twitter and saw the following from this ignorant fool:

Now we know that this guy is clearly lacking any sort of empathy, but my issue is that in 2017 we are still having to battle this ridiculous fucking mindset – ignorance – and with these people who have these platforms and followers who struggle with mental health themselves.


It is never okay to discount an illness, not fucking ever, that is the stuff that stops people from reaching out for help, and that is never okay.


Unkind people are usually that way because others have been unkind to them, but there is no excuse for ignorance or complete denial of mental health issues, that is a dangerous thing.


When ignorance is given a voice, ours must be louder.

tate4 (1)


Tate goes on and on in his Twitter rant stating, “Sure I’d be depressed if I was broke. Fat. Lonely. With zero life goals. Do I need pills or a reality check? You propagate the excuses.” and then I think about the well known and much-loved souls who have died by suicide and seemed to have been living everything Tate praises and I get furious.

Kurt Cobain
Robin Williams
David Foster Wallace
Chris Cornell


According to Tate, “Pretending depression is something you catch and absolving all personal responsibility while downing pills and complaining is BS.” and that, my friends is fucking staggering to me. Because this guy can not wrap his tiny head around facts, he’d rather admonish anyone who struggles and then kicks it up a notch with words like these, “Everyone’s a depressive now.  Oh, you’re all so special and have such hard problems those in Syria are glad they aren’t  you boohoo.” 


Trolls the likes of Andrew Tate are a dime a dozen, people struggling with depression and other mental illnesses are 1 in 5, and while Tate discriminates, Mental illness doesn’t. Let’s all hope the black dog is never nipping at this motherfucker’s heels.


The Andrew Tates of the world are part of the problem, you aren’t. You are a badass every damn day, because not only must you struggle with your own thoughts, you have to fight against this misinformed Andrew Tates of the world. Rock on with your badass selves, you’re the winners here.

If you are struggling at all, reach out, it is hard to do, but it is one of the bravest and best things you will ever do. Never be ashamed of your illness, it’s not your fault. Never let the unkind words of another stop you from seeking help because regardless of what fools say, they are only that: fools, fools who are looking for attention. You matter, your life matters, and you are never alone.


If you are struggling please call The National Suicide Prevention Hotline

24 thoughts on “Depression is Real and So is Ignorance

      1. He must really think he’s fucking smart….obviously a fucking idiot with no fucking brain. I fucking know what depression is, and it is definitely real. Fuck that asshole.


  1. Reblogged this on Brave and Reckless and commented:
    I am one of the 16.1 million of Americans with Clinical Depression. I have been struggling with depression since I was 12 years old. Andrew Tate’s opinion is uninformed, condescending and singularly lacking in compassion. And he is not alone in his ignorance. We must break the silence about depression, support each other in our struggles and not let people like him convince us that we are less than. I will not be shamed.

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  2. Reblogged this on J-Dubs Grin and Bear It and commented:
    I have no idea who Andrew Fucking Tate is but I’d love to rip his nads off. May the black dog attack his ignorant ass, chew him up and shit him out. It is only then he will learn the error of his ways. Oops, I guess I just stooped to his level. Fuck it. He’s a tool.


  3. Hi Nicole,
    This man Tate is clearly an asshole and ignorant to boot My Daughter Hazel suffers from Personality Disorder , Autism and Anorexia Nervosa she suffers Depression all her life caused by guilt and shame all because her mother abused her emotionally. Excellent Post Thanks a lot I don’t use Social Media so its great Wonderful people like you can tell me about all the Ignorant people who inhabit our Planet. Love and Kisses Laurence xxx


  4. You don’t know what people with depression go through from a day to day basis, until you’d had a personal experience with it, because it’s always too easy to judge someone from the outside in…


  5. With how prevalent depression and suicide are, you’d think more people would be willing to open their eyes and understand their effects. Wishing you well, and if you get a chance, please visit my blog where I often discuss mental health. xoxo

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