The Road Ahead

I am speechless, you have to read this for yourselves.

All hail my brother, Matthew D Eayre – THE POET


I don’t care if anyone else reads anything I write, as long as you do.

Why post it online?

Because it makes me feel good. I like having readers and fans. I like having writer friends who think I write well. It makes me feel like my thoughts matter.

But the truth is, if it was just you, I would still be happy. I would feel like a writer. I would still ball at being called a poet, but if you say I’m a poet, I won’t argue.

I remember so much of you, so many times you have blown my mind, so many times you have completely misunderstood me and behaved badly, so many times you have forgiven me for being a partially broken asshole. You have been the parts of my life that I call home.

I hear your voice, when I’m sad. In my head you say…

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