Mixed With A Hint

It was my words
that spilled
from his lips,
my poetry
that poured
from his soul;
how was I to resist
my own passion,
mixed with a hint
of his own.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

13 thoughts on “Mixed With A Hint

  1. Memories from a Tortured Mind

    Again I rise to the morning sun
    Tired as I was and still alone
    Long lost the will to smile again
    And search the shit pile some more.
    The envelope is sealed shut
    With nothing written inside
    It’s empty like me

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  2. God. Every so often I find a poet that has the absolute power to humble me and make me feel like an toddler marking on a wall with crayon. It’s a feeling we all need to experience sometimes, humility. I envy your talent.

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      1. That’s just what I left as a comment. What I actually said out loud was J**** F****** C***** wow. But somewhere between my brain and my fingers all the crudeness fell out and I was left with that. That’s how my writing goes too, thankfully. I’ll stay tuned for more of your work!

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