Someone Else’s War



I have been caught in
the palm of crooked hands,
slid myself along promises
down pinky fingers
and into the throats
of corrupt bedfellows.
My mouth tastes of shame
but my eyes glisten
with the spoils
of someone else’s war.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

15 thoughts on “Someone Else’s War

      1. Lovely Girl, I wrote you a massive thing about it, on one of your posts on WP it was a while ago though, I forget which exact post, I didn’t hear back from you, maybe you missed that? It was waxing lyrical. I also wrote you on FB after receiving it. Wow that’s weird you didn’t see either. I did get it – and was thrilled and happy and wanted to know if a review if you haven’t purchased would still show up on Amazon etc. That’s the cruel genie keeping my praise from you for sure .. bizzare?


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