Book Review: Hush by Nicole Lyons

Christine from Brave & Reckless reviews my book Hush

Brave & Reckless

Before joining WordPress last October, I had truly forgotten the joy that both reading and writing poetry can bring.  Most of the poetry I had been exposed to in high school and college literature classes were generally literary accomplishments to be admired, not emotional experiences of be savored.  Finding Nicole Lyons’ poetry on The Lithium Chronicles was a revelation.  Here was poetry that not only wove a tapestry of beautiful language, but was also raw, confessional, ignored traditional rules that had always felt so confining to me, and whispered to the hidden places in my heart, my soul.

Once I discovered Lyons’ unique poetic voice, I eagerly awaited the release of her first book of poetry, Hush. Hush quickly became a collection of poems that I wanted to get lost in while forgetting about the rest of the world, while simultaneously wanting to slowly savor each poem like an…

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