Love & Vodka – A book review

I was lucky enough to snag a signed copy of Christina Strigas’ Love & Vodka, and even now, days after closing the book, I am still love drunk on her words.

Charles Bukowski said, “genius might be the ability to say a profound thing in a simple way” and if we take him at his word then Christina Strigas is indeed in the same league of genius as old Hank himself.

In Love & Vodka Christina manages to evoke an overwhelming feeling of urgency while simultaneously reaching out to stroke comfort into the soul. She interweaves chaos and calm so well that our own fleeting and/or rapid changing emotions can’t help but bubble to the surface. Christina has captured loss and grief almost as beautifully as she celebrates love and resilience.

The depth of her poetry is astounding. With surgical like precision she cuts a word here, places another there, and paints a picture so visceral that it almost pulses. When the energy from poetry jumps off of the page and into your lap you know you have stumbled upon something great.

Within Love & Vodka you will find heartache, lust, passion, and love; you will uncover secrets, hidden treasures, and the will to keep going when it feels like all hope is lost. Christina Strigas has written her soul into these pages and upon reading this book you will feel like you’ve come home to an old friend.

I cannot recommend this book enough, it is solid and raw, gorgeous and vulnerable and I impatiently await the release of her next collection.

You need this book! Purchase it on Amazon and be sure to visit Christina on IG , FB and Twitter. Pop by her site to say hello.

11 thoughts on “Love & Vodka – A book review

  1. Thank you Nicole for your marvellous and brilliant review of my poetry book, it touches me deeply and you made my day so filling. I especially am pleased because it is coming from you, you are such a great soul that I am thrilled to know and have a friendship with as well. Bless you xx

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  2. This review is chock full of beautiful words that flow together like a happy stream meandering serenely on its way to the river. It will make anyone that reads it want to read this book!

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