OP assaults the assaulters and it is fucking glorious.

RamJet Poetry




ram jagged

caustic noise

derelict ionic cameras

burning skin and

private parts



For the greater good

For the safety of your neighborhood

A matter of national security

not for sale?

not in the mood

Precision, incise


action plan

to renovate

the failures

level this level

bar who you are,

there is no care for you

for no one cares that

you were hurt before we

fixed the caring that

you are to be forced into

by those who are supposed

to listen and abide

to you, oxymoronic, no?

purge with noxious toxic bane

flood the streets with candy

infect with anxiety

paralyze with depression

kill your higher awareness

sheep are easier

to rape and reap

when on the nod,


drugged, alone and

down in the mire

of self hate

the loathing

that they propagate

social media

allows them to

push you to



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