Chasing Twilight

Picture source: Pinterest

We went to bed in the cruellest places,
hoping to wake to beautiful things.
And I suppose the way twilight crept
through gauzy drapes and cracked glass
to lay its cool glow over sleepy eyes,
held a particular beauty.
For when dawn crawled through torn drapes
and shattered glass to lay its tired glow
over wounded eyes, we yearned to chase twilight
into the cruelest places, again.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

10 thoughts on “Chasing Twilight

  1. Love!! Nicole on a personal note I have a forty year old daughter with mental illness. I admire you so much for trying to overcome your struggles and express it thru your beautiful and broken words. I’m the woman you told write darling write. As a mother my heart breaks everyday and I would love to share with you the fire you started and set my soul a blaze. As I sit here once again with my heart shattered and broken into a million pieces, bleeding from veins and arteries I never knew existed and once again wondering and questioning how could I have miserable failed at parenting again? Or did I?? Thank you as I continue to survive this journey with the love of my life “My only daughter” and can release these demons thru my writing the only reprieve that truly understands.

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    1. Hello Mary, thank you for this comment, I do send you and your daughter love and hope for some peace.
      I am so very happy that you are writing, this is a really good thing, and I would love to read your work if ever you want to share it. Thank you again ❤

      N xx


      1. Thank you for your sincere support!!! I’ve just ordered 5 copies of your book from my book store. I’m excited they will be in next week. They are going to make BEAUTIFUL GIFTS for very special people in my life. I want to share your beauty with the world.

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  2. Isn’t it amazing how a broken mind and bring such beauty in your words that flow. Even on my darkest days there can be a specks of light trying to make its way threw. I have Bipolar too.

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