Scar Crossing


I am who I am
and I make no apologies.
My soul has always been
from another place,
where hearts are seen
and scars are shared.
There’s another world
somewhere waiting for me.
I hear it calling in my dreams;
it’s calling me home.
I run towards the voices,
the hearts, the scars,
until I’m almost there
to feel the sweetness
of a home like that,
and I wake up
just before I touch it.
I tell myself,
that world isn’t ready for me
yet, but one day
I will make a blazing entrance,
and when I do,
my heart will finally be seen
for what it is;
galaxies and all.

© Stephanie Bennett-Henry 2017

Moon child with
your galaxy heart,
cool your heels
and stay awhile.
I see you
in this little place
and I think perhaps
it was born of you too.
I see you
and I hear them too,
you are my
scar crossed sister
and one day
the rest will see you
for what you are,
moonbeams and all,
and they too
will finally understand
about the time when
the light from a tiny
spark once blazed away
and into everything.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

24 thoughts on “Scar Crossing

  1. There’s that strong sense of longing in the first part, and there’s that sense of the person, not being defeated by everything s/he was put through by life, it’s a very inspiring poem.


  2. This made me cry because I love your honest raw approach in all ways but the tenderness here, of feeling alone and then meeting someone who you have a sympatico with and no longer being lonely…. I think that is true friendship. I had a best friend like this for over 30 years. The two of you captured this so very, very well and summed up what you can really love about a person. I found it so affirming and honest and real. Brava ladies.


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