Five Things I Learned This Week

Not fucking okay to compare someone to Hitler, EVER.

I Ruin Joy

Things I learned this week1. If you have an abortion, you are exactly the same as Hitler. Yep, killing one baby is exactly the same as 42 million. Yep, because one dollar and 42 million dollars are the same.

2. Pro-life people will threaten you with death just because you support abortion. Yep, so true, my support of a pregnant 14 year old wanting an abortion is cause for my murder. Totally. It’s entirely logical.

3. If you eat meat, you are also like Hitler. Chickens have the exact same value as people now, did you know that?

4. Vegans get really mad if you mix them up with vegetarians.

5. It is now acceptable to compare law abiding citizens to Hitler. That is suddenly everyone’s go to insult, “you’re just like Hitler.” Am I? Am I really?

Yep, that’s me, just like Hitler….

BONUS: You know what else I learned this week? All…

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6 thoughts on “Five Things I Learned This Week

  1. Another heartless way of not allowing a woman a voice… or even rights over her own body. How many women are raped in warzones? Rapine means to destroy. The act carries on for a lifetime. Some of us blokes (who have rarely been in a life and death fight) ever get it. Instead they keep filling up another woman with booze and his own view of reality. Good luck to all you women who will stand up for yourselves, the earth and her children

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  2. Apathetic and ignorant people. A woman has a right to choose for herself. We should support each other even if we choose different things in that particular situation. It’s about using your strength to lift other people not pulling them down.

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