I Live Days

I live days in defeat,
beaten down
by my own mind
and the lies
it whispers to me.
But I have learned
to put my feet up
and rest easy
on those days.
For without that respite,
I could never dance
wildly when I live days
in the sunshine
of my victories.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

8 thoughts on “I Live Days

  1. You are just SO good. If this is about you then it’s not about you because you are the luminescent brilliance though at times you may not see it. If this is not about you then it’s just a damn FINE piece of writing by a VERY talented person I am fortunate to read!

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      1. My friend you are SO talented and sometimes we think if we write something sad it’s not ‘good’ it’s just sad but that’s not true, all art is good if it’s good whether sad or not, sometimes more if it is sad and honest, your work breaks open truths and emotion and I find myself longing for it. You are a force to be reckoned with and I’m very lucky to know you xo BIG HUG

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    1. I can’t find the words to properly express my gratitude and my happiness for crossing paths with you and your gorgeous heart and brilliant mind. As a writer you are of the highest calibre, as a human, well you’re fucking tops in my books.

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