He is so brilliant

RamJet Poetry


so nothing will be left to embrace

the sundering

they say it comes and goes

but for naught

lifeless headlamps

which will break into the oceans

of the love of something that’s burning

on the mother’s unmarked grave

conceptions regress into giant’s toys

that kill in the instant

it takes for life to go bye

leave while their backs are to you

filter thoughts through the skein

of the silence releasing all of the blessings

malformed by lesser words said

feed the symmetry emotion

you are dying every little moment anyway

only open eyes realize

certain aspects ascertain paths

of the ways you feel

having undone the doing

sighs upon size upon rise upon minds

regressing into a soft submission

regarding the small death that can grace

your schedule at any instant, an impromptu meeting

solving the problems that seem the most important dawning

realization that they are the least

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