Dropping Hell and Heavenly Shoes


Don’t tell me that
there is no such thing
as hell when your shoes
are filled with heaven,
you have seen me struggle
with the weight of it.
Come and sit a spell
and let me drop hell
for you to look into
and we will see how quickly
heaven moves you then.

©Nicole Lyons 2017

8 thoughts on “Dropping Hell and Heavenly Shoes

  1. I just discovered you have a book coming out. I ordered a copy right away and wrote a short piece about it, as well as Georgia and David Lohrey’s books. You and your writing will always have a special place in my heart. I know how hard you have worked to achieve what you have, harder than me. I couldn’t handle all of the work. I am slowly coming back to life and will make sure I and Sudden Denouement give your book the attention it deserves. Maybe I will buy a second copy and send it to you and have you sign it. That would be awesome. All these books being published makes me think I need to get off my ass.


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    1. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it, and you. I’ll send you a signed copy when I get them and I still have your poem here too, brain mush. I am sorry I haven’t got it to you sooner.


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