Bleed me out on the side of a road

I carry them with me,
little pieces I have broken off
of everyone I have
ever loved, and I tuck them
in the empty chambers of my heart,
but every now and then they ache
to be released and they flee
so fast they tear the walls
of my heart wide open, and I am left,
feeling all too familiar
like the car wreck on the side
of the road that grabs your attention
for a moment, burns tragedy
into your retinas, and then quickly
fades from your memories
and your rear-view mirror.

© Nicole Lyons 2017

18 thoughts on “Bleed me out on the side of a road

  1. Too well I know
    The ache that’s the pain
    When we were given a piece
    That proved only a loan
    The shape of the space
    Of a heart now fled
    The echo of alone.

    Too well I know
    The shape of the pain
    Where the piece of the heart
    Once nestled in ours
    Now jagged of edge
    Strangled words, unsaid
    Bereft. Beyond our powers.

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  2. I really ❤ this poem! It is so relatable. Some people can easily move on from their past, while some of us notice we still carry a little piece of it with us. When you have loved it’s hard to let go completely even after you have loved on. Great poem! ❤❤❤

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