darkness there, & nothing more – Samantha Lucero

Meet Sam, my newest writer crush.

Sudden Denouement Collective

darkness there, & nothing more – samantha lucero

he tells me i should stop
too many “big” words
“too complex for me.
i need cliff notes
like for shakespeare,
so pretty, but i have no idea what’s
going on.” tell me what happened.
be more like edgar allan poe,
he was  s i m p l e  & spooky
& that’s straightforward, you know what’s going on.
have you ever read anything besides ‘the raven’?
apparently not
even the magician i dated said
“you think too much.”
but then again, he also said he loved me
and then never called me back
after i fucked him like faye reagan
and thought maybe, just maybe
someone liked that i thought too much.
thanks for breaking my heart; i’m better now.
so here’s me writing something simple,
nothing fancy
one simple thought
drop by





while you…

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