Parasites – N.R.Shepherd

I’m on display in this
snow-globe of calamity.
Confetti of written emotions
blow around the room.
A blizzard of flies swarm
my body; I’m breaking down.
I can hear the rats scurry the tile
and soon the dying of my love…
the decomposition of my damnedest efforts…
will draw them up the bedside,
only to find, I don’t mind to dine
on vermin…when I’m desperate.
I’ve surpassed famine and
my taste buds are numb.
I’ll be damned if I lay here
and be eaten alive by these
parasites of morality..
I’ll indulge; when i’ve had my
“fillin’s worth” …
i shall rise to battle the dragons
who deploy their breath
upon the vigor in my soul,
…once again….

© N.R.Shepherd 2016



You can pray if you want, but God’s not here this evening. ….It’s just you and I under this pale moonlight, dancing… N.R. Shepherd

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