Broken-Winged Birds – Stephanie Bennett-Henry

Stephanie Bennett-Henry shakes my core with this gorgeous piece of writing.

Stephanie Bennett-Henry

I tore my chest open with my own bare hands, to let out all the deep breaths I’ve been holding. Hoping I could breathe again but my lips love the color blue. I cracked my ribs to get to my heart. I wanted to see the commotion of all the broken winged birds in there, but all their beaks are silent. They stopped singing or maybe they are ready to sing a song for someone else. It’s the same old tune here about how they want to fly away,but the tips of their wings are dried concrete from the time I built a wall around my heart. These knots in my stomach are never going to untie themselves. That’s what the birds are for. But they cannot save me anymore. It’s all me now, trying to breathe with this lump in my throat, trying to live through this feeling inside…

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7 thoughts on “Broken-Winged Birds – Stephanie Bennett-Henry

  1. Hey Nicole, I’m a teenager from Nepal. I love your page and all the stuffs in it. They inspire me one way or the other to continue my days. I get lots of moodswings…usually are extreme types…someday I carry the entire world with jolliness that comes from nowhere..even when my loved ones tell me how much of asshole I’ve become and somedays I get suicidal thoughts and anger more than I can handle…in such days I control what’s within locking myself in my room or getting a nap during the hours of my classes…and these days I feel a knot in my throat as if my words that come out is going to get me killed…and headaches come along with it…I havent seeked medical couselinv yet… On Dec 3, 2016 12:23 AM, “The Lithium Chronicles” wrote:

    > Nicole Lyons posted: “Stephanie Bennett-Henry shakes my core with this > gorgeous piece of writing.” >


    1. Those are heavy thoughts and feelings to carry, I know that to be true. Do you have anyone close to you that you can express these feelings to? Could you see a counsellor? A family doctor? I’m proud of you for expressing your feelings here, and you’re welcome to continue doing so, but I would really like you to think about talk therapy.


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