Soul Screamer and The Tempest Blooms

It was my pleasure to close out October guesting on the brilliant OTV magazine.
Thank you Shareen for publishing two of my favourite pieces. Please have a read.

Soul Screamer & The Tempest Blooms

Open Thought Vortex

Soul Screamer               By Nicole Lyons              otv-magazine

I hear them
when the moon
is full
She pulls cries
from their throats
and places them in
the waves that break
the shore
And they ripple
through me
when she is
before madness sweeps
them back
out to sea
and I howl

© Nicole Lyons 2016

The Tempest Blooms

I have nurtured the seeds
of resistance planted
in my bones long ago.
Roots grown swift and mighty,
a solid foundation stands me
firm and holds me true.

Vines or resilience climb
the length of my spine-straight.
Blooming down arms of hope
and hands of peace, raised
in wait, to embrace
a revolution.

Change rides
the backs of howling
winds, and if seeds
of hatred are all you have
sown, the tempest
will eat you alive.


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