Dear Walmart

Update 1: The Mighty has published this piece which has been updated with Walmart’s response to the costume makeup being sold on their online store.

Update 2 : We would like to thank Walmart for removing this from their online store.

Update 3 – On Monday, October 25 Rubie’s Costume Co, responded to Stephanie Bennett-Henry’s request for a statement via Facebook message, it reads:

“I’m writing in response to your message regarding items in the Rubie’s product line that may be considered offensive to families dealing with suicide/and or mental health issues. Please note, Rubie’s is a family owned business that has been bringing fun, safe products to Halloween enthusiasts for 65 years and the last thing we want to do is intentionally bring a product to market that would be considered offensive or demeaning.

The “slashed” prosthetics were introduced into the line when gore was more prevalent in Halloween. At the time sensibilities were very different than today. In retrospect, the items should have been removed from the line some time ago. Unfortunately, it was simply overlooked. An honest mistake.

Upon learning of the recent outcry these items have caused, upper management immediately had the items removed from our website. Rubie’s also decided to stop the manufacturing and sales of these products.

We sincerely apologize to all that may have been offended by these items and are hopeful our actions help restore your faith in Rubie’s Costume Co. We wish you a safe and happy Halloween.

Best Regards,

 Leonard Peters”


Dear Walmart,

We are writing in regard to your Razor Blade Suicide Scar Wound Latex Costume that some geniuses approved to mass sell for Halloween this year. It’s good, but it isn’t gold star good, and if you’re going do something right well you may as well do it up good.

So here’s the thing Walmart, we’re here to help you, because not only are we courteous that way, but we also happen to know a thing or two about suicide. You should probably write this down.

Clearly you are trying to make a buck off of one of the most devastating things that could ever befall a family, hell why stop there? You could pump an entire line out of this!

If you are not quite sold on that idea, perhaps you can add a crown of “fine” to what you already have, for all the times she pretended to be “okay” along with a beautiful sash, worn like a beauty queen, that says, “I finally did something right.”

Maybe you can add a cool feature for the blood to shoot out of the veins after the razor tries to find what it looks like on the inside.

Maybe add a straight jacket and a bucket of psychiatric meds for the ones who don’t quite get the job right and they live with the notion that they failed at that too. Add a belt, so they can stick that failure under it. Give them a rope so they can hang that failure up around their neck and go out with a big bang. May as well add some fireworks for the festivities too.

Maybe a speaker that repeats a permanent goodbye on a loop of forever to haunt the ones who will never understand.

About that line though, think of the cash pouring in when you add the:

Grieving Mother Costume: Comes complete with a lifetime of guilt, stigma, and shame. Throw in some latex wrinkles for the torment of unanswered questions about what they could have done differently, and why couldn’t they see the signs.

You could add a cheap vanilla scented candle from your crafts section, and some of those fake flowers that are everywhere in your damn store (two birds, one stone) some heavy drapes to symbolize the locking away of their souls.

Oh and also add a few bottles of cheap whiskey for the slow decent into alcoholism that some Mothers often deal with when the pain becomes too much. That’s a winner right there. I’m thinking you could sell that for at least $29.99.

Maybe think about the Suicide Survivor Costume. You’d add one of those tacky letters you carry, like an “F” for Failure or “D” for Didn’t do it right, or “W” for Walmart is a disgusting corporation who makes money off of the backs of people who battle every fucking day with their own tortured minds, we can brainstorm it out.

They’ll wear it like Hester fucking Prynne, so all can see their shame as if they didn’t live with it every single day. And when they ring the bells to get their sweet treats, the tricks in their minds that tell them they are worthless will blaze on their chests thanks to bloodsuckers like you.

For these extra add-ons, add another $10 a piece. Full costumes can be sold for $39.99 and all profits can go to the warped corporation that is Walmart.

We’re really looking forward to working with you on your new ignorant fuelled Halloween 2016 Costume Line. May you all never be taken under by your own minds, and may you all find the compassion you have not given anyone else.

Warm regards, Motherfuckers,

Nicole Lyons & Stephanie Bennett-Henry

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  1. This happens time and time again. It’s not exactly Walmart posting it, it’s one of their shareholders. See at the top where it says “by:” and then a name? That’s the company that posted the item. If an item doesn’t say that, then it’ll say under the item photos “sold by” that’s a true Walmart product they sell in stores and warehouse. The problem is they need to filter what the separate companies post to their site.


    1. Exactly what Amanda said! I noticed that at the very beginning. It isn’t Walmart themselves selling it!


    2. I get what you’re saying but at the same time it’s still on their website and in their stores. It’s mocking us who are dealing with these battles on a regular. No they didn’t make it but they themselves are still selling the product

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    3. Is it on their site, under their name? Then they are responsible. If they can’t pre-screen 3rd party sellers, then they need to stop allowing it. I don’t care who is doing it, if it’s sold through Walmart’s website, then they are accountable. They are the largest retailer in the country, there’s no excuse.

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  2. You do realize this is stage makeup. It is stuff used for haunted houses and the like. A good make up artist would not even need this item to make the effect. I have to wonder, why attack Walmart for a product that is not even sold by them, why not attack the company that actually makes and sells the product or places like Amazon or Ebay that also sell it? It is makeup used to create a certain effect for theater. I can bet if someone had an issue they could find just about anything to complain about, maybe the gunshot effect next?


    1. Because Walmart is supposedly a family-friendly store. For god’s sake, they refused to sell a Greenday album simply because of the song “21 guns”, but they’re okay with kids running around on Halloween pretending they killed themselves? Disgusting.

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    2. Because it was sold UNDER their name, and they are ultimately responsible for what is sold 3rd party. Make-up for haunted houses (though still extremely wrong) is one thing because a lot of the actors get their products from professional costuming companies, not Walmart. And professional costuming companies for theater will not sell their products on The fact that it is so readily available is disturbing. The thought that a survivor or someone who does self-harm can search for a Halloween costume innocuously is wrong. My cousin’s daughter is an actress every year for Haunted Houses and enjoys doing makeup for other characters. She does not go to Walmart. and she wouldn’t wear that product, either, because she also has a mental illness.


  3. Shared to Facebook with the following comment: Yes, Halloween. I know. But, seriously, what the fuck? Those of us who have serious depression and have dealt with suicidal ideation and attempts live every day with the stigma of those thoughts and actions. That a company (and it was a third party company selling on Walmart’s site) could mass produce a “costume” accessory like this is just beyond the pale. Halloween is about ghouls and goblins and witches not suicide victims.

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  4. This is just wrong what if a mother saw this and her son/daughter commited suicide and that just made it worse for them the mother to get over it. I’ve attempted suicide many time but now I’m better but stll this is wrong you shouldn’t try and make a buck off of that.

    From a 14 year old girl 😡


  5. Freedoms of America. Walmart can sell whatever they want. If it offends people it won’t be sold and then it will go off the shelf. If it sells then clearly people aren’t offended enough for it to matter.


    1. From Walmart: “This costume is appalling and it was unacceptable for a third-party seller to list it on our marketplace. It clearly violated our prohibited items policy and we removed it when it was brought to our attention.”

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    1. Hi Jasmine,
      You obviously have never dealt with or have had a loved one deal with suicidal ideation/self harm/suicide. There’s sensitive, and there’s rightfully outraged.


    2. You mean like yourself?

      I am a survivor of a suicide attempt. I also self-mutilate. When I saw the picture, it brought back very bad memories. I no longer can look at it. I am a big fan of Halloween and all things ghoulish. This crosses a line that should not have been crossed.


  6. I have tried commuting suicide and this costume does not offend me, however if it offends you you need to grow the fuck up, let them sell what they want.


  7. I’m really upset with seeing this even if its a 3rd part seller I was depressed for a long time and no one seemed to notice and I’ve tried to.. Kill myself but what brought me back was thinking about family and friends but what happened is one of my friends had killed themselves in 8th grade but seeing this makes me upset beyond return if I go into a Walmart soon and see that…. I don’t know what I would do but I’d be sure to make them stop selling that item


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