How Bipolar Disorder F*cked Me In All The Wrong Ways

Shoutout to the amazing Feminine Collective for publishing my NSFW piece

I’m a woman who enjoys sex – a lot. I’ve always had the pleasure of savoring what many would consider a very high sex drive, and for the better part of a decade (excluding a brief separation) my husband has delighted in the benefits of my voracious appetite, that is up until about two years ago when I was prescribed a new cocktail of medications to stabilize my moods. Not only have I been considered insatiable, but I’ve also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

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8 thoughts on “How Bipolar Disorder F*cked Me In All The Wrong Ways

  1. I am glad you managed to straighten it all out. I admire you for your courage and Scotty for his incredible understanding, support and unconditional love for you. Wonderful.


  2. What a truly brave and gutsy post. I was previously diagnosed with BPD, but in the last 6 months, since jail and now currently residential Treatment for Alcohol, I was forced off all meds by the County Brainiacs. Lo and behold, I am “normal.” Sorry, not my original point. The meds I took basically took my manhood and shoved it up my ass, never to be seen again. It destroyed my last relationship–well, to be sure, the psycho and I danced crazy dances–she, nor two previous relationships, ever believed it was the meds. They always internalized it to be on them. Devastating results to be sure. Even Viagra, while it certainly made me “up” for things, having an orgasm was never the forgone conclusion. Sorry, but this post really was helpful to see that it can happen to women, and it brought all my stuff back. Great post.

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    1. Thank you Rob, and thank you for sharing that very personal bit of info. Isn’t it something how the stuff meant to cure us is just so unfortunately toxic sometimes?! Have you read my post Who is In Charge of Your Stability? That was another med mess.

      I do hope you’re feeling better.

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