Branded From Birth – Robbie J. Sherrah




The first time I heard those words,
I wondered who was suffering more,
backward, forward motion, dizzy,
a diagnosis of confetti paper,
a bedroom and a wall to draw on,
chalk walls and demons to entertain,
gagging out of mannequins mouths,
choking me, choking them, one by one,
pleasing me, pleasing them,
I was medical wonder, wonder why?
Mouth to mouth can’t revive a rebellious child,
maybe some pills will,
choking me, choking them, one by one,
gagging out of my mannequin mouth.
Brain maggots exhumed in dust, wahoo
I was Mullen rouge from a dollar store,
big pharma you get what you whore for …
Validation from the weak, the shallow and the blind,
validate to dissipate,
my poor purged bulimic bi-polar mind.
Golden lies less the glamour in my mannequin mouth,
gagging on these mannequin lies.

© Robbie J. Sherrah 2016


Robbie J Sherrah is a storyteller by trade and a poet by night. Robbie grew up loving words and putting them down on paper, what he calls anagrams of his life, love and misguided adventures. He is currently writing a novel and designing an arts and writing Facebook community page of his own work.

4 thoughts on “Branded From Birth – Robbie J. Sherrah

    1. Thank you Bob, it’s a piece about my younger years, you could say my mind wandering after thoughts and conclusions that I reached with pen and paper later on in life. I believe we as a society sometimes misdiagnosis and even institutionalize our children when perhaps a good trip to summer camp in a peaceful surrounding would do the trick. Thank you again for your kind words.


  1. On behalf of myself I would like to thank Nicole Lyons and TLC for letting me on board. This site is amazing space and a privildge to be part of.


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