How to love a Wanderer


If you happen to stumble upon a wanderer,
unlock the door and welcome them in, but do so
knowing that they are only there to rest their feet.
Don’t offer to unpack their bags, instead,
fill them to brimming and leave them
beside the back door, uncluttered and easy to reach.
Stoke the fire, put the kettle on, and guard your heart.
It’s passion and pain that nurture the unsettled.
Embrace them for the moment, delight in their tales,
and commit them to memory, when the sun rises
they will be gone, a pack full of hearts, and a soul
bursting with restlessness, leaving you incredibly richer,
and devastatingly poorer, all at the same time.

©Nicole Lyons 2016

9 thoughts on “How to love a Wanderer

  1. I knew such a gypsy and the men who could not understand and thought she was supposed to stay. I knew she could not but still wished it possible. Where was the balance point between joy and pain? It was not found. Thank You, Nicole.

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      1. Awwwh AWESOME! Been kinda thinking that having been a homebody for ALL my life so far, my trajectory’s about to change and I’m gonna be a wanderer until I stop

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  2. I stumbled upon You.
    Life’s funny that way.
    She only asks one thing ~
    Just “show up ” . . . .
    I love my gypsy soul and all its
    a bit of its thirst, quenched by your words.

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