An Unlikely Compass

It was during my darkest moments
when I understood
that sometimes the light
is found in the most unlikely places.
Never forget
the ones who would choose
to light your way home.

© Nicole Lyons 2016

13 thoughts on “An Unlikely Compass

  1. I think it’s great you deactivated most of your social media accounts. IG use to be a huge trigger for my anxiety and I deactivated and delete it over 2 years ago. I felt so much can better. I’m still on FB and have learned to place certain settings that will help ME interacted best. Sometimes we need to take a step back and realize what’s best for ourselves. So kudos to you for doing that!

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  2. Hi Nicole. I have this other saying from the big book “How
    Dark it is before the Dawn” and it’s come true when I’ve had nine month depression relapses. I have never muted my accounts but I don’t go on all of them and I should more. Especially twitter.

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  3. I’m so so glad you had people who checked in. It’s such a winnowing process, and I’ve seen it happen with others, and to an extent have allowed it to happen in my own world. It’s fascinating, when you stop putting in all the effort, to see which people DO make the effort for you, especially when things are challenging.

    Your words are beautiful and very true. I love the bit about CHOICE, especially. So many people I know say things like “I don’t deserve [insert person here]” and it’s not about ‘deserving’…it’s about those people CHOOSING to be part of your life, and I love that. I love knowing when I’ve been chosen.

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