The Feast of The Fools





I heard your siren call,

and I calmed my wolves.

Their great paws unleashing claws

on the earth, biding their time, scratching

their vengeance. My pack is fierce,

and hungry.

They feast on the lies

of the self-righteous.

They eat the dreams

of the sanctimonious.

And they swallow the pride

of the selfish.

Yes, we heard your siren call,

and we’re coming for dinner.

© Nicole Lyons 2016


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22 thoughts on “The Feast of The Fools

  1. Chills – One thing is clear in this world, that your pack will not soon lack for food. Still, although I would not wish to compare this pack to a true, if fictional monster, I thought of a famous movie line, “I’m having and old friend for dinner.” But, that is one monster speaking of another, one predator of another beast. reblogging

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  2. Powerful words! Is this about revenge or punishment for perceived wrongs, in some way, or true wrongs? (If it isn’t I am going to be VERY embarrassed.) I read this from someone who re-Posted it (Hi, Sheena) and had to ask you (I’m not good at poetry, it’s all I can do to speak straightforwardly).


    1. I am so happy that it does resonate, that’s all I hope for. And you’re right, it doesn’t matter what the intention was, as long as it hit you somewhere. Thank you for reading, and for such a great comment.



  3. OK I promised not to be stingy,to give or share what I have when its needed,the post is a very deep thought ,capable of throwing any mind in for a tour of divergence.

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