Peace by Piece

Piece By Peace

Piece by Peace

It’s during the moments when I’m quiet
that I foolishly give in to the idea
of peace.
I should know better
by now.
With every blow you laid
on me, you stripped me
of any chance
of peace
that I could have hoped for.
Now the bruises
have healed,
the scars blended
into shades
of me,
faded into almost
The almost is what kills me
taunts me and tells me what a coward I was.
It’s the almost,
the faded pieces
that bring
up everything I never did,
every single thing
I never said.
Unspoken fears rise up
and curdle
against my tongue.
They threaten
to choke me.
So I swallow them,
every last word
I never said to you,
and the burn
explodes through my body,
shredding it
piece by piece,
promising a life
if they go
once more.