Light It Up Blue


Written for a very special boy in my life and dedicated to every other beautiful soul who lives and loves with Autism.




He doesn’t say much.
Often struggles to be heard.
But his eyes speak
while he whispers his words.

His days are structured
routine is what he needs.
He thrives when he is included,
but rejection is too often what he sees.

His mother is tired
sometimes her hope fails;
sometimes she breaks through,
other times to no avail.

He is a soul like no other,
brilliant and kind.
He is a treasure to many,
loved for his mind.

He is just a boy,
not much different than you;
he likes to have fun,
and deserves respect too.

When you see people shaming,
call them out on what they do,
and while you’re at it,
Light It Up Blue


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