Pandora – Charlene Trolinder




They stared at her with

inquisitive eyes.

She seemed so simple


submissive, but she

had this complicatedness about her.

Her mind’s thoughts and ideas would

terrify while inspiring.

A methodical empty need

to hide her needs, wants, and

desires made her the master of her own


She navigated a purposeful

overshadowing of her soul because

she knew her greatest ambitions would

be fulfilled while standing

in the shadows of a

broken heart. There was a

mystical almost divineness

about her that few could resist

intertwined with a darkness that could

destroy them.

Few were ever allowed into

the inner sanctums of her

being, for fear of being broken

for her secrets. As they stared with

fixated expressions of horror and

amazement, they spoke with cold

confused words, “Who are you?”

She turned slowly

toward them with

an emotionless face and

pain filled eyes and softly replied,

“I am your fears, misunderstanding, and

judgement. I am your thoughts that haunt

you. I am the darkness and light. I am

the beating heart of compassionate love, and

the broken mind of cruel rejection.” She

slowly grinned as she continued,

“I am your creation and

your monster. I am

what you made me!”

©Charlene Trolinder 2016


Charlene Trolinder aka Lorna Evol is a small town kid born and raised in Dumas, TX. She fought all her childhood to survive, born with a rare chromosomal disease. She attended West Texas A&M, where she obtained a Bachelor’s in Psychology. It was later in life that she realized she struggled with severe depression and anxiety. Each day is a battle, but she loves the simple things. She is an avid reader and animal lover. She draws her inspiration from her struggles, and she tries to give hope to others through her words.

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Edited January 16, 2017:

Unfortunately someone has come onto this lovely piece to accuse Char aka Lorna Evol of plagiarism, and has done so using some of the vilest language. I have included the link to the original posting (2014) of Char’s poem Pandora, here.